When Jake’s first birthday rolled around in February, I, like most first time moms made Pinterest my obsession.  I went there daily trolling around for ideas that would make it memorable, picture perfect, and totally coordinated.  Rookie Mistake.  *smh*  In the end, Jake had a pretty awesome and put-together gala of little kids, parents, sheet pizzas, cookie monster cupcakes, and a well-stocked bar.

But, one of the little touches did not take place at Jake’s big party.  During the week of his birthday, I sat Jake in his high chair, and armed him with crayons and a coloring sheet and let him have at it.  The idea is to have your child color in the same coloring sheet each year on his birthday.  You can see the progression every year, and you’ll end up with a collection of artwork that you’ll love.  Who knows- your little guy may become a future Michelangelo!  Although Jake’s first rendition looked more like Picasso 😉

You can find basic coloring sheets online, and one of my favorite sites is designed by Made by Joel, which you can find here:


I chose this coloring sheet for Jake:


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