I’m writing this post with tears streaming down my face. Over a week ago, my boys said goodbye to their teachers at daycare. We moved so they are attending another preschool. We had to give hugs and cards and thank yous to the teachers who have helped me raise my children since they were 3 months old. They were the ones who coached me through transitions to the next age group that happened before I was ready because they knew the boys were. They helped Max learn how to walk and talk well after all the other kids his age were doing it. They worked with his Early Intervention team and navigated food allergies. They survived many, many biting incidents and helped me work through that with Ben (he was the biter!).

It feels raw and the timing is hard. I think if they were finishing out the “school year” it might feel like a more logical transition. Now, I’m grasping for a way to achieve closure. We made cookies for both classes and the children in the class made cards.

Saying goodbye to all the preschool “friends” was just as hard as saying goodbye to the teachers. Some of these kids have been with my boys since the beginning. They’ve learned to navigate the center together and it’s been really fun to see which friends stayed close the whole time and which friends parted ways for other groups with each transition. I know there will be new friends and new teachers at the new center, but somehow, starting at a new center at the ages of 3 and almost 5  just isn’t the same.

Last day of school in MA


I want to thank the teachers, children and families at our center for the love, support, and education they have provided me and my children. They will be missed.



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