Magical Memorial Monday!

May 28, 2012 by

I’m having holiday-brain  as I totally forgot it’s my day to do a post. I actually like that I forgot because it’s another indication to me of how much I’ve been living in the NOW and not thinking/worrying/anticipating the future. I’m also glad I remembered, ’cause I do love a Magical Monday. ;)

Today I’m grateful for:

* Living in the NOW. Life is so much more magical when you just don’t pay attention to the past or future (it’s also more surprising!).

* Being surprised last night when our babysitter showed up. I totally FORGOT we had a date scheduled! Since Baby Kai was teething and not feeling up to snuff, we had our fabulous sitter take all the boys in the front yard for games while hubby and I relaxed on our deck with drink in hand. It was a LOVELY, LOVELY at-home date where we actually got to talk to each other uninterrupted and baby was only handed to us once. ;)

* Homemade guacamole and quesadillas for dinner last night and Dos Equis with a lime!

* Not feeing the tinyest bit hung-over today even though hubby and I partied together last night (just keepin’ it real!)

* I fixed our fountain yesterday AND did my first garden art project using a drill! I feel so sexy and accomplished now that I know how to use a power drill! Watch out world!

* Feeling so happy on our deck under our pergola ~ our whole family agrees that it’s now the best “room” in the house.

* Feeling so happy and complete in my family lately.

* Feeling so happy!

* A jelly donut at 10pm last night and it was soooooooooooo good!

* Looking forward to a picnic lunch in our yard (my boys are excited) and a cookout for dinner.

* Spending the day with just my family of 5 and feeling like that is absolutely PERFECT!

What about your Memorial Monday is making YOU grateful?

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Kate Street

Kate Street resides in Essex, CT. She is a Spirit Baby Intuitive, Gratitude-Freak, and budding Aerial Dancer. Along with her weekly Magical Monday column here on, she runs three of her own websites. "Love From Baby" is a space for open-minded mothers to explore the worlds of pre-birth communication and higher dimensional parenting, and it's where she offers Spirit Baby readings for those who are pregnant or trying to conceive. "My Everyday Magic" is a world full of real-life-fairies who practice the life-changing exercise of daily gratitude. And for those who just can't get enough of Kate, she started a blog to share semi-daily video ramblings at She's married to her soulmate and home-schools her three boys. Kate likes keepin' it real, drinking good beer, swearing like a sailor, and adorning herself in anything that sparkles!

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  1. Michelle

    Sorry for the late response but I *tried* to stay away from the computer yesterday!

    My magic:
    *I made it through the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did have several times that I thought I was going to have a full blown panic attack but I didn’t. I made it!
    *A family member bought us a bike trailer so we can tow Lills around with us by bike. It is liberating!
    *Had a lovely birthday party for the baby over the weekend.
    *An extra day off meant more family time!

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