I guess you could say I was always a Bag Lady.  In the fall of 1998, my freshman year college roommate introduced me to the wonder that is kate spade at the tender age of 18.  A year later, my then boyfriend, now Husband, bought me my first black kate spade nylon Chloe handbag.   Which is still in my closet today- although very very well worn and loved, she is retired from circulation, yet I will never part with her.  The Husband has been very good to me, surprising me with a sweet little Burberry number one Christmas, and instead of adorning my neck with pearls for our wedding day, thought the better of it and gave me my first Gucci bag.  (Love this man forever).  Then, in law school, I saved up months worth of paychecks working as a LexisNexis student representative and research assistant for one of my professors to finance the purchase of my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. 

When I first announced the news that I was pregnant with Jake, my friends, after hugging and congratulating me, were quick to say, “Well, there goes all of your good handbags!  Hope you pick out a nice diaper bag!”  Really?? I thought to myself.  Surely this would not be true for me.  I’ll just carry one of my bags along with Jake’s diaper bag, right?  Which, by the way, is a Vineyard Vines canvas tote.  (No teddy bears holding flowers for this gal).

Fast forward to today.  I still carry my favorite pieces on my arm, but well, those pieces have gotten a lot larger since Jake came around!  Sometimes I find myself stuffing a handful of diapers, a sippy cup, snacks, and toys into one of my handbags on the way out the door.  And those cute and tiny little luxury handbags picked out by my husband?  Well, their home is hung on a coat rack in our bedroom that I repurposed for my handbag collection.  Right now the pre-req for an outing with the boy includes any handbag that I can fit:

  • 2 diapers
  • 1 sippy cup
  • 1 container of snacks
  • toys

along with the usual suspects: keys, lip gloss, wallet, ID badge for work, sunnies, and a whole host of other stuff I can’t leave the house without.  And the stuff that I’ve been hauling around forever, like that thank you note to send to Jake’s great aunt for his birthday gift…… from back in February… yeah. stuff like that, ya know?

Here is a typical Monday in the life of this bag lady.  I always marvel at what I have left at the bottom of my bag on a Monday after carrying it around all weekend with Jake.  Note the Toddler MumMums and chop sticks.  Those are left over from this weekend.  We were at Stew Leonard’s for dinner on Saturday, and Jake couldn’t get enough of my chop sticks while I was eating sushi.  So, I took home a pair for him to play with.  Remember- in a pinch, anything can be used as a toy and buy you a few minutes to wolf down those last 4 pieces of sushi!


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