I think it’s time for another healthy (or unhealthy, as it were) dose of True Confessions. Here are mine:

* My hubby and I partied a little too much after he completed his triathalon yesterday and I have a hangover right now.

* I have a headache, my baby woke me up at 6am yet again, and the LAST thing I feel like doing right now is a Magical Monday gratitude list (thus the True Confessions).

* I would really LOVE a personal assistant, especially at 6am to take my baby downstairs.

* My boys make up jokes all the time and tell them to me one after the other and I can’t even pretend they’re funny. It’s like torture to me and I always ask them to stop.

* Life was a lot easier before Kai began to crawl. I’ve adjusted, but I still miss the bliss of having an easy-to-manage babe. A LOT.

* Our ctworkingmoms.com photo shoot is on Friday and I’m fighting the urge to starve myself. I won’t do it, but the urge is still there.

* I absolutely ADORE my three sons and wouldn’t trade them for the world…but I’d still really love a daughter some day. A girlie, sparkly, fairy-loving daughter.

* My husband is just about to take my baby in the bath and I’d much rather take this opportunity to lie back down for awhile than write a long blog post.

And THAT is my Magical Monday True Confessions. (I love unleashing this sh*t.) 😉   Don’t leave me hangin’ ~ what is some of YOUR dirty laundry today?


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