Baby Melon Head Fruit Salad

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I attended a potluck style family baby shower this past weekend and wanted to share my fruity masterpiece with you all because it really came out adorable and since I was able to pull this off, I thought it might inspire some other ladies out there to get creative in the kitchen.  I can follow a recipe but I am certainly no Gena Golas .  After this weekend, I was thinking that food “art” may just have to become my new hobby.  It was fun for me and a real crowd-pleaser.  Plus, my daughters would get a kick out of making food art.  They love ordering the monkey pancakes when we go out to breakfast at Harvest Cafe .  By the way, it’s worth the drive to Simsbury if you haven’t been and get there early on weekends to beat the crowd!

Okay, so I wish that I could take credit for coming up with the idea but the truth is that a picture of a similar fruit salad popped up in my Facebook newsfeed and I thought it was too cute not to try.  Basically, we (“we” being my good sport of a mother and I) carved out a watermelon to resemble a cradle and made melon balls out of the melon guts, for lack of a better term.  My mom peeled/cut the skin off a canteloupe and we placed the peeled canteloupe in the watermelon to serve as the fruity baby’s head.  We had to make a ridge the keep the melon head in place.  We used a second canteloupe for canteloupe melon balls.  We surounded the melon head with fruit salad made with the watermelon and canteloupe balls, blackberries and grapes and this served as the baby’s blanket.  We secured 2 canteloupe melon ball ears and a nose to the baby head with toothpicks and used half grapes for the eyes.  We cut a hole for the baby’s binky and garnished the watermelon cradle with fresh fruit including strawberries, grapes and blackberries.

How cute is this?

The guest of honor really appreciated my efforts and with the help of my mom, we put this together in about an hour.

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  • Jen Seiderer

    This is adorable and the title of the post cracks me up. I think I’m going to call my son Baby Melon Head from now on.

  • Jen Capitao

    Too cute I will have to remember this for my next baby shower!

  • bernhardsonbunch

    Haha!!! I loooove this! Definitely making it for the next baby shower I attend :)

  • vtnative

    This is awesome, you are so crafty!

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  • Laura Morris

    thanks for this post!! took forever to find great directions to accomplish this. My daughter-in-law’s baby shower is this Saturday, and had this on my list of things to try.

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