Sorry I’ve been missing in action for a couple of weeks. We’ve had some big stuff going on around our house…

Most notably, of course, was Miss Audrey’s first birthday party. I’m happy that: the weather was beautiful, she and Olivia had a good time and it’s over (good grief, am I terrible at party planning).


During all of this, Olivia potty trained and I was interviewing for a new short term job position. After a lot of back and forth, we decided I would take it. It’s full time and on-site.

I haven’t worked outside of my home (on a regular basis) since Olivia was eight months old. Terrifying, much?

I started on Monday and so far, it’s going well. But, as with everything, there are pros and cons…


  • Get to wear real clothes with no puke/poop/snot on them!
  • Pretty shoes!
  • Talk to grown up people ON THE REGULAR!
  • Drink coffee and use the restroom WHENEVER I WANT!
  • Work on some really interesting content and expand my knowledge.
  • Regular paychecks.
  • Pretty shoes!


  • Showering at 6:00am.
  • Getting all three of us ladies up, fed and presentable by a time when we are usually still asleep.
  • Managing all of my mom tasks in addition to being out of the house all day, every day… Grocery shopping, baths, cooking, laundry, cleaning, mopping the freaking floor (maybe we SHOULD get a dog.).
  • Less time for blogging. Wa.
  • Finding enough time after I pick the kids up from school at 5:30 to cook and feed them dinner, give them baths, play with them and bedtime. By 7:30 for Audrey and 8pm for Liv.
  • Did I mention getting up at 6:00am? Did I forget to mention that Audrey still wakes at night, too? Yeah. That.

But, overall, I’m really liking it. I find that my mom-of-two self is much more productive in this environment than my mom-of-one self was. Is that possible? More children, more work, more productive?

I certainly hope so, because I’ve got Olivia’s birthday and my sister-in-law’s wedding next month and all four of us are in the wedding party.

Speaking of, I gotta go. I still haven’t ordered my shoes yet!

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