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Last night I woke up (many times) wishing that I could have one night to sleep ALL BY MYSELF! I’ve been sleeping with one or more children for over 7 years and a husband (god bless him) for 13 years. I haven’t slept ALL BY MYSELF in over 13 years!! Ahhh…to just roll over without worrying about waking a baby up (who will inevitably want to nurse), to sprawl out without small legs draped over me, a hand in my face, and a little foot up my bum. To me, that would be HEAVEN right now.

Instead of getting mad (again) for being woken up by suckling children, I decided to play a game of “I Wish” with myself, beginning with the one night to sleep alone. It turned into a fun game! Play with me won’t you? The only rule is to be a little  or a lot outrageous.

I Wish:

* for a LUXURIOUS night of sleep all to myself.

* we had padded walls, cushioned floors and inflatable furniture, so my baby Kai could explore his world without hurting himself 16 times a day.

* I had a personal chef to whip me up whatever I wanted on a moment’s notice!

* I had the hair skills of Dena Fleno so I could easily create new ‘do’s for myself on a daily basis!

* I was born with sparkly hair.

* airline pilots were comedians and flight attendants were jugglers and magicians (we’re going on a trip soon ~ wouldn’t this spice things up a bit when traveling with kids?)

* I could eat whatever I want, or nothing at all (food is often just an inconvenient pain in the ass to me) and be perfectly nourished, radiantly healthy and a total hottie.

* I was a billionaire philanthropist. I would buy up homes for sale, make them self-sustainable and donate them to families.

* that my cellulite would disappear overnight.

* I could see auras and the fairies in my garden.

* that as life goes on it becomes even more beautiful, abundant, joyful, adventurous, creative, playful, passionate, peaceful, fulfilling and full of EASE.

* Lastly, I wish that this Monday turns out extra specially magical for you and that all your wishes come TRUE!

What do you wish?

The Fairies are granting our wishes!

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Kate Street

I'm Kate Street. I live in Essex, CT where I'm desperately hoping someone comes to put in a brew-pub (Anyone? Anyone?). Along with my weekly column of unconventional sharings here at I run two of my own websites in between homeschooling my three boys, romancing my soulmate, and my quest for enlightenment. "Love From Baby" is based on my own experiences of pre-birth communication and higher dimensional parenting. There I get to enact out one of my biggest passions as "Cosmic Midwife" for those who are pregnant or trying to conceive. "My Everyday Magic" is my other website, full of real-life-fairies who practice the life-changing exercise of daily gratitude. It's just plain awesome. I'm also an aerial silks dancer which makes me just about one of the coolest people you've ever known. I like keepin' it real, drinking good beer, swearing like a sailor, and my catch phrase is "If it doesn't sparkle, it's not worth my time.

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  • Michelle

    I love this post today Kate! And I love that you are encouraging us to be outrageous with our wishes!

    I wish:

    -All my gal pals lived in the houses surrounding mine so we could see each other all the time, drink wine together and get support.

    -Speaking of houses, I wish for a house surrounded by beautiful trees with a view of water or mountains.

    -I wish I had mad skills like Dena (agreeing with Kate here!) so I could do cool stuff to my hair everyday.

    -I wish I could magically drop 50 pounds!

    -I wish my natural hair color could be red (it’s not and I so I must dye it)

    -I wish for lots and lots of money so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

    -I wish that if I have another baby, I’ll have a beautiful, easy pregnancy and a stress-free birth experience.

    -I wish the new project I’m working on will be a huge success and inspire many people.

    -I wish I had a personal stylist that would pick out my clothes every day.

    -I wish no one worried about their body image and we all could see our own beauty.

    -I wish I had lots and lots of windows in my house.

    -I wish I could buy whatever I want when I want it (hence my strong desire for an ipad/tablet!)

    -I wish I could afford to take yoga classes all the time.

    -I wish I could see my friends on a more regular basis.

    -I’ve ALWAYS wanted a wrap around porch.

    -I wish for boundless amounts of energy during the day and great, peaceful sleep at night!

    -I wish I got more mail from friends and family, snail mail! I walk to the mailbox every day so excited to see what’s there, but it’s usually just bills or junk.

    -I wish to embrace my inner goddess and am working on it!

    Ok, I literally could go on and on! I must stop!

    • Kate Street

      Oh, I want you to go on and on, I’m LOVING your list!!!!!!!! :) ♥♥♥♥ (and I really love the one about us all realizing our own beauty. I think we took a step closer to that on Friday.) 😉

  • Dena

    I’m so excited i got a Magical Monday shout-out!

    -I wish I had the time right now to write my wishes, but I may have to come back later for that!

    • Kate Street

      so. jealous. of. your. hair. skills.

  • Sarah Bernhardson

    -I wish I could find a great part time job for this fall and stop thinking about it

    -I wish the transition from me being a student to working again would be really smooth and easy on the boys

    -I wish I could get a whole new wardrobe

    -I wish that wardrobe could be 2 sizes smaller than I actually am..and fit me!

    -I wish I had longer hair

    -I wish I had a gym next to my house with free childcare

    -I wish I could eat cupcakes every day and not suffer the consequences, haha

    -I wish Joshua would just sleep, for the love of God!!!

    -I wish night weaning wasn’t so hard.

    • Kate Street

      I laughed out loud at Joshua sleeping “for the love of God”! And wouldn’t it be fabulous if said gym next to your house with free daycare also doled out those negative calorie cupcakes?

      • Sarah Bernhardson

        YES!!!!!!!! :)

  • Katie Schunk

    I wish we could get together like that all the time

    I wish I could eat anything and loose weight

    I wish for a cleaning lady like Kate’s

    I wish that we get all our wishes.

    Love my ladies

    • Kate Street

      I wish I could hear more of your jokes! 😉

  • Denise

    Well, you’ve both said some of my wishes already so excuse the redundancies:

    – I wish I could get a full night’s sleep without my daughter (who’s 9 years old for God’s sake) to not wake me up at 4:30 in the morning to ask if she can watch TV
    – In addition to #1 I wish the cat wouldn’t decide to be ill all over the house (literally!) at 3:00 in the morning!
    – I wish a magical cleaning fairy would visit my house at least weekly if not more!
    – I wish the magical fairy does laundry too!
    – I wish I had more time in my days that are devoted to me instead of work, sports, scouting, school activities, church functions, chores, etc…
    – I wish ice cream and cookies were considered “diet food”
    – I wish for a beautiful house with plenty of room that is decorated and needs no repairs…ever!
    – I wish I could grow money on trees so I can do fun things with my kids and family all the time and make sure they get into good colleges.
    – I wish there were no disappointments, bullies, or worldly worries for my kids. I’d rather hug them because I love them than because they are sad.
    – I really do wish I could fly (Tink, where are you!?)

    • Kate Street

      Denise, what a perfectly MAGICAL list! I don’t even know which one I love the most! ♥

  • Marie5k

    A day late, but still relevant, right!?

    -i wish we could repeat Friday’s photo shoot fun more often. I think i literally laughed from the moment i arrived until the moment i left. Purely invigorating!

    -i wish that i can follow through with my mental note to self and buy a bikini to wear around my pool. I will embrace my post-baby self!

    -i wish Jake will learn to appreciate his hour-plus naps on the weekend at home as much as he does at daycare. Guess what- momma needs a nap, too!

    -i wish that i can get a respectable time at my 5K this weekend. Anything around the 26-28 minute range would be awesome, considering i’m running the hills of Noank!

    • Kate Street

      Good luck at your 5K, Marie5K! 😉 And I would LOVE to do what we did on Friday more often too! ♥

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