Last night I woke up (many times) wishing that I could have one night to sleep ALL BY MYSELF! I’ve been sleeping with one or more children for over 7 years and a husband (god bless him) for 13 years. I haven’t slept ALL BY MYSELF in over 13 years!! Ahhh…to just roll over without worrying about waking a baby up (who will inevitably want to nurse), to sprawl out without small legs draped over me, a hand in my face, and a little foot up my bum. To me, that would be HEAVEN right now.

Instead of getting mad (again) for being woken up by suckling children, I decided to play a game of “I Wish” with myself, beginning with the one night to sleep alone. It turned into a fun game! Play with me won’t you? The only rule is to be a little Β or a lot outrageous.

I Wish:

* for a LUXURIOUS night of sleep all to myself.

* we had padded walls, cushioned floors and inflatable furniture, so my baby Kai could explore his world without hurting himself 16 times a day.

* I had a personal chef to whip me up whatever I wanted on a moment’s notice!

* I had the hair skills of Dena Fleno so I could easily create new ‘do’s for myself on a daily basis!

* I was born with sparkly hair.

* airline pilots were comedians and flight attendants were jugglers and magicians (we’re going on a trip soon ~ wouldn’t this spice things up a bit when traveling with kids?)

* I could eat whatever I want, or nothing at all (food is often just an inconvenient pain in the ass to me) and be perfectly nourished, radiantly healthy and a total hottie.

* I was a billionaire philanthropist. I would buy up homes for sale, make them self-sustainable and donate them to families.

* that my cellulite would disappear overnight.

* I could see auras and the fairies in my garden.

* that as life goes on it becomes even more beautiful, abundant, joyful, adventurous, creative, playful, passionate, peaceful, fulfilling and full of EASE.

* Lastly, I wish that this Monday turns out extra specially magical for you and that all your wishes come TRUE!

What do you wish?

The Fairies are granting our wishes!