This Is Me: Carrie


  • I breastfed my first son, Adonis, until 10 months, and then he only had a smidge of formula when I wasn’t pumping enough. I continued nursing him until 18 months, when his little brother, Kai, was born. I hope to continue nursing Kai until his second birthday.
  • I cloth diapered Adonis for most of his first year. He would be in cloth still, but I got lazy. I have to find the motivation and time to start again.
  • I used to compost. I used to garden. Again, I need to find the motivation and the time.
  • Having two kids under two has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Luckily, unlike cloth diapers, composting and gardening, I have the time and motivation to keep on truckin’ through the tough parts.
  • I cry when Trace Adkin’s song “You’re Gonna Miss This” comes on, because it reminds me of just how quickly things change. I was also upset when Kai was born, and I tried to compare him to Adonis as a baby, but I couldn’t clearly remember what Adonis looked like without a picture.
  • I’m a bed-sharing mama. My husband works nights. I breastfeed. It is the only way to actually get sleep. And opposite of the warnings, Adonis transitioned without any drama to his crib at 5 months, and is now in a double bed all by himself at 19 months. And there are no signs that he has an Oedipus Complex as a result.  (Shhh… I still lie to our pediatrician… she thinks Kai’s in a co-sleeper).
  • I drank coffee throughout my first pregnancy but no soda. I drank soda and coffee in my second. Adonis is wild. Kai may be off the chain.
  • Kai is colicky. His nickname is Snuggadoo. It’s *almost* funny because Adonis is far from a mama’s boy, so throughout my pregnancy with Kai, I would daydream about my wraps and Ergo and having Kai attached to me all day, every day. I didn’t dream about the uncontrollable crying for days at a time during his first 7 weeks. My daydreams turned into fantasies about margaritas and earplugs.
  • I am jealous of stay at home moms, and would love to be home with the boys until they go to school. Even with Kai the Crier.
  • I hope my boys will understand that character is far more important than external success.  But I hope they’ll be super successful.
  • I’m terrified of sending my boys to school. I can’t see how it’s natural to essentially chain energetic, adventurous, and creative young people to desks. And I’m a teacher! Ay! I believe doing well in a traditional school does not necessarily equal having a happy life and solid relationships, and may even prevent people from knowing who they truly were meant to be. I have to find a school that will help my husband and I educate my babies in every sense- academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. And all the other –ally that I can’t remember now J
  • I am trying to get healthy again and lose some weight in the process. I ate a piece of “Kentucky Pecan Pie” last night that had 48 grams of fat and over 600 calories.   I thought nuts were supposed to be good for me?
  • I was blessed to have “easy” deliveries.  Adonis came after 8-9 pushes in 15 minutes. Kai came (unintentionally) epidural-free.
  • I wish I was a lactation consultant so I could help other mommies make it through the first few crazy and painful weeks of breastfeeding.
  • I want to be more glamorous and less frumpy. I should start by adding to my shoe collection (which currently consists of a pair of black flip flops and a pair black Nike running shoes. Period. End of selection.)
  • My husband, Brandon, is the most amazing father. He is literally my sons’ best friend and a model of what a “real” man should be.
  • My job as a teacher has trickled into my home life, and I hate it. I am constantly thinking about being efficient, living up to standards set for me, and criticizing myself over the “small stuff.” Whenever I have a minute to myself, I have to meditate by repeating “let go” over and over again in my head.
  • One more thing: I think pumping mamas should have a spa to go to in their place of work to pump in. Pump and get a manicure or shoulder rub.
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