Moms are pretty lucky to have a permanent non-expiring Wild Card in their relationship- the whole “carrying a child for 9 months and the entire process of giving birth” thing.  You know, it’s like when you’re playing UNO and not only do you have a hand full of Wild cards, but the Mom card is like the “Wild Draw Four” card.  It’s virtually unbeatable.   But what about Dads?  I gotta tell you that my husband does a LOT.  I like to think that our Jake/home duties are pretty equal.  (except for that whole, 9 months + 19 hours of labor thing)  See?  There’s that Wild Draw Four card again!

But enough about the Mom Card. 

Mike is pretty much the best Jake’s Dad in the world. 

  • I love him for being my tag team in this whole parenting thing.
  • I love him because he lets me take my long runs on the weekends.
  • I love him for knowing just how to rub Jake’s back at 3:00 in the morning put him back to sleep.
  • I love him because he wears pastel Vineyard Vines polos and Lilly Pulitzer Ties. Just for me.
  • I love him because he always has my favorite wine stocked in our bar.
  • I love him because he loves pizza and fried clam strips.
  • I love him because he wouldn’t trade this part of his life for anything.
  • I love him because he works so, so, so hard for us.
  • I love when he gets down on the ground and wrestles with Jake.
  • I love that he doesn’t mind matching outfits with Jake. (Sometimes…)
  • I love it when he puts on his Bruins jersey to watch the games.
  • I love that he has made Jake one of his biggest passions in his life.
  • I love that he is still hot for me.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the awesome and wonderful Dads out there.  I’ll be toasting both my dad (the man who I owe my Gin & Tonic obsession to), and my husband, Jake’s Dad, this weekend and loving everything that there is to love about them.  And I’ll reserve my Wild Draw Four for another day.

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