Whoo. Life with two kids is intense. Non-stop action. Don just turned three and Edith is heading on 8 weeks old. Of course there is stress…lack of sleep can do a number on you. But besides my brain working slowly and my occasional loss of control over my emotions,  life with two kids is great. I love seeing Don with Edith as well as my husband. Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying my family of four.

I think a large part of that has to do with this being the second. This birth was much different than the first. With Don, I was in complete shock when he arrived. Overwhelmed. Angry. Stubborn. He was also a really fussy baby. Now seeing how Edith behaves, I have a better understanding of why and how bad I freaked out after Don was born. From 4-8Pm he never stopped screaming. Edith is pretty chill. Additionally, this time I was a repeat c-section and I worked out during the entire pregnancy, two things that most definitely have an impact on my experience being so different this time.

Don has also been amazing with everything. I was warned by nearly everyone that he might freak out but he has been awesome. And, he finally managed to master the toilet to boot! Woot woot. That was a doosy. Two weeks after Edith was born,  he finally started pooping on the potty. We have had a few mishaps…most recently when faced with a public toilet and no race car seat to sit atop, but he’s got it down now and we no longer need to poison him with medilax. He also genuinely loves “baby Edith”.  He’s cute with her and he uses a special voice when he talks to her. We did have to make a new family rule…no touching eye balls. But that was merely his curiosity.  He is gentle with her and more than anything loves  her. It’s amazing to watch.

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