Since my youngest son is now 20 months old and we’re done having children,  it’s begun to sink in that I’m experiencing many baby things for the last time. Some of them are funny, like all of the words I never used before and will never use again:  boppy, paci, exersaucer. Some of them are kind of annoying, such as adding “ee” sound to the end of everything. Some will not be missed, such as diapers (we’re working on potty training now).  Some I didn’t want to give up because I felt like they’d started to define me, such as babywearing.

Some I was very ambivalent about, such as breastfeeding. I am so, SO proud to have been able to nurse both my babies for a full year. Not every mother wants to or can do this, and so I’m thankful. It got to the point, though, where we traded that adorable toothless grin for four sharp little teeth that often forgot what they happened to be biting on at the moment.   Shortly before I weaned Little I found this fascinating discussion and photographic proof of breastfeeding in history:  Breastfeeding in Rewind.

More recently, I began cleaning out our attic and dug out all of the baby stuff.  The high chair, baby bathtub, first car seat, mobiles, crib bumpers, and bouncy seat didn’t bother me and I got a good price for them at consignment.  But the baby clothes?  Those hurt more than I expected.  How could I get rid of the outfits that my boys wore home from the hospital?  Their first little knit hats?  What about the things they were wearing in all of my favorite baby pics?  I couldn’t part with these, yet I’m practical enough to know that I can’t just keep them boxed up in the attic forever.

Enter Etsy’s Barb Malm, who makes memory keepsake quilts.  After a series of emails back and forth, I lovingly packaged up our 40 favorite pieces of baby clothes.  Initially 40 seemed like a lot, but my mister and I had to go back and purge several times to get down to that number!  On Saturday, my mister got an early Father’s Day present when the finished quilt arrived.  Behold:

 Memory quilt made of baby clothes by Barb Malm on Etsy 

This quilt is more special and touching than we could have imagined; we both got choked up when we opened the package.  Now we have to find a spot large enough to hang it!

Treasure the baby years.  It’s a cliché but it’s true — the time goes by so fast!



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