If you’re a full-time working momma like me, you probably really look forward to the weekends to spend some quality time with your kids. I know I do.

My daughter is just over a year old now. She’s totally awesome and I love hanging out with her. I think she’s hilarious and I love seeing her personality develop. Are you sensing there’s a catch to this?

You’re right. She’s in daycare during the week from 7:30-4, sometimes till 4:30, depending on when I get out of work. Because of that, I don’t feel like I get a ton of time with her during the week. On the weekends both my husband and I like to spend lots of time with her but over the past month or so, it seems to be creating some behavioral problems.

For the past several weeks, my daycare provider has told me that my little girl cries and screams a fair amount if she’s not being held and she sometimes has a hard time playing with her toys independently. The baby is like that on the weekends with us, she does scream if we leave her in the family room to play for a little bit – because she wants us with her. And we tend to give in, especially because we don’t feel like we have enough time with her already (and those huge crocodile tears melt my heart).

My daycare provider has gently suggested we practice giving her more alone time on the weekends. And I think she’s right. I want the baby to be able to play independently (don’t get me wrong, she is totally capable of this and does play well at times). I don’t want her to completely drain my daycare providers energy during the week because we’re pretty much smothering her with love all weekend.

Do you see my problem? I WANT to smother her on the weekends — but I see the behavioral problem that’s starting as a result. To our readers with babies/toddlers – do you practice giving them independent play time on the weekends?

How can I not smother this kid?!

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