My son just turned 3 earlier in the month and vwala, he’s obsessed with his penis. Grabs it, talks about it, tries to put it near me. What is the deal?!  Scientifically, it is growing…I can tell as his mom. Maybe that has something to do with his sudden interest. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he knows his new baby sister and I don’t have one? Whatever the reason, it’s weird and yet unbelievably funny!

He actually reminds me of many of the men I’ve known over the years, except he lacks a filter. He talks about his penis the way I assume many men would like to, but because of social norms, they do not. It’s hysterical (and terrifying) to me to think of him in his teen and college years. I plan to remind him of these times…of course with a sense or humor, but for now, I’ll try to hold back my laughter.

Is or has any one else gone through this? For some reason my husband is of no help…doesn’t want to talk about my son’s penis. Leave it to the lady in the household…that makes sense!


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