Two of my blessings. And they are blessed to have each other!

I am so grateful for each of my blessings- my healthy, vibrant, adorable, creative, and unendingly extraordinary husband and sons, my modest home and lively career, my extended family and friends who have taught me so much for so, so long… and the list of truly breathtaking things can go on and on and on.

However, recently I noticed that I had not been doing enough to live the JOY that these blessings were able to provide for me. I had created a life that was focused far too much on things that when held up to my blessings, were trivial. Somehow, complaining about the sticky floor had become more important than sitting on the floor to play blocks with Adonis. Watching YoYo Gaba Gaba in the morning was where I found peace, instead of enjoying a nice walk around the neighborhood or to the park with my boys. I laced my fleeting conversations with my husband with to-do lists instead of I love yous. I would look in the mirror, still wearing my pregnancy pants, and wonder who would laugh at my blubbery butt that day, without giving myself the slightest pat on the back for helping create two HUMAN BEINGS.

It. Stops. Now.

Seriously. I solemnly swear, as much as humanly possible, to live the joy my blessings offer me. I understand that doing this starts with me with each choice that I make. I can choose to complain, or choose to play. I can choose to be a couch potato, or choose to expose my sons to the great outdoors. I can choose to spend my hour or two with the love of my life nagging, or I choose to be a living, breathing Hallmark card. I can either choose to be blind and hate my body, or I can choose to see it for what it really is: a human being maker… and baby cafeteria. With each of my countless blessings, there is always a choice.

I’ve already made my choice. Have you?

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