I took a chance buying ingredients for this recipe, since my hubby doesn’t always care for the taste of cilantro.  I went ahead and planned Cilantro Thai Grilled Chicken as a dinner anyways, because I thought it sounded delicious, healthy and easy.  To my surprise, Hubby chose this recipe over the other chicken option I planned for the week, so tonight we tried it for dinner.

Preparation for this meal could not be easier.  Well, hopefully you’ll find it that way, since it took me a little trial and error to get it just right.  Basically, all of the ingredients go together into a food processor, gets pulsed into a sauce, and then brushed over chicken breasts before they hit the grill.  As the recipe is written, for 4 servings, there wasn’t enough “stuff” to fill the bowl of my food processor so that the blades could effectively do their job.  I tried adding some extra virgin olive oil, but I still had the same problem.  The cilantro and garlic just would not puree.  In the end, I put the mixture into a cup and used my immersion blender.  The smaller blade and the deeper liquid made quick work of all the ingredients.  We were on our way!

We chose to bake the chicken breasts instead of grilling them, but I wish I had followed the recipe and used the grill.  Also, the chicken breasts I used were gigantic, so I would recommend using thinner cuts of meat and coating both sides of the chicken as you flip them on the grill (another drawback to baking the chicken–sauce on one side only).  All things considered, however, the chicken was moist and flavorful–a perfect combination of the cilantro and sesame oil.  I definitely recommend this recipe for a quick and easy weeknight dinner!

Cilantro Thai Grilled Chicken

adapted from artsy-foodie.com

Serves 4

2 tsp. minced garlic

1/2 cup fresh cilantro

1 Tbsp. soy sauce

1 Tbsp. sesame oil

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil


Process all ingredients in a food processor (I would recommend a small food processor, immersion blender, or a larger batch size of the recipe in order to effectively combine all ingredients).  Baste chicken with the sauce as it cooks on the grill, until chicken is cooked through.  Easy as that!

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