Since having baby number two a line from “The Christmas Story” plays over and over again in my head, “My mother had not had a hot meal for herself in fifteen years”. I’m always jumping up for something…whether it be Edith needing more formula, Donald exclaiming that he has to poop, a forgotten spoon, spilt water, a side of ketchup or the salt and pepper. Dinner at the Gilchrest’s is anything but relaxing.

As a mom of two I rely heavily on the skills I obtained as a waitress during college. Juggling multiple demands of the customers, carrying way too many plates, cups and silverware at once, and doing it all fairly quickly and with a smile.  I have frequent flashbacks to my days at Paul’s Pizza (UCONN HUSKIES), minus the tips and cigarette smoke.  The speed at which I work and the pride I take in getting a meal perfectly timed and to the table remains the same.

When I worked as “front girl” at Paul’s Pizza, my boss Ismael once told me that my parents should be sending him my tuition checks because it was there, at that old school campus pizza place, where I was learning real life lessons.  While I still feel confident my tuition checks went to the right place, I can’t help but appreciate the lessons I learned as a waitress at Paul’s my sophomore- senior years.

Are their skills you use as a mom that surprise you? If you ever waitressed, do you find yourself using those skills as a mom?


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