Our sparkly Kate Street isn’t here today so she’s asked me to fill in, and I am doing so quite happily!

Magical Monday is such a great way to start the work-week isn’t it? Remembering what we’re grateful for helps put us in a great frame of mind.

Right now I’m grateful for:

  • Having a lovely meeting with the owner of Mamoga Wellness this morning to talk about collaborating on our new Working Moms on the Move program. So exciting!
  • Had our lovely bloggers over to my house last night to celebrate our first Huffingtonpost cross-post.
  • Realizing that talking about how much I want other mommas to love their bodies makes me start to love mine a little more (who knew?!)
  • Getting a little extra time with my baby girl this morning.
  • Thinking about all the exciting stuff going on right here on the website. It’s an amazing thing to know that every time one of us hits “publish” on our posts we’re reaching more and more working moms and building this beautiful community of support.
  • Using the word “lovely” more and more – because it just feels right!
  • Decaf iced coffee – yum.
  • My husband making me breakfast every morning – seriously so sweet!

What about you? What are you grateful for this Monday morning? Post in our comments section and let me know! xoxo

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