With a baby boy (our third child) due in about 10 weeks, we recently parted with our beloved Honda CRV to purchase something larger and more accommodating for a family with three children three years old and younger (yikes!).

Shortly after finding out that I was pregnant again, I realized that I was not only getting a new baby but I was also going to be getting a new car!  I was excited.  I started doing some research and talking to other parents who have more than two children.   I read this article which was helpful but my excitement fizzled as it became apparent rather quickly that with our budget and lifestyle, my options were quite limited.  Basically, I could get a minivan, a minivan, or a minivan.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with minivans.  It’s just that I still feel like a kid myself and we all know, kids want to be cool.  Minivans may be convenient and roomy but let’s face it, cool kids don’t usually drive em.  Let me apologize if I’ve offended any minivan captains out there and state my disclaimer that this is merely my subjective point of view.

I am a part-time working mom.  I drive all over the state for work and I usually drop off and pick up the kids.  I have to parallel park on the streets of New Haven at least once a week.  So, I was looking for a new car that was more than just bigger with room for three kiddos, it also needed to be smaller than a boat, get reasonable gas mileage, and be capable of traveling safely with me behind the wheel through all types of road conditions, including the ice and snow that frequents New England highways in the winter.

After some thought and encouragement from a few of my minivan-driving friends, I decided to test drive the Toyota Sienna, the Honda Odyssey and the Honda Pilot before making a final decision.  I was embarrassed to tell my girlfriends that I test drove two minivans because I had always said I would NEVER drive a minivan.  I was even more embarassed to admit that the Honda Odyssey is unbelievable!  What a ride!  My husband joked that I was zipping around in that minivan with a big smile on my face.  What’s more is that I really really liked the Odyssey and considered buying it.  I did not like the Sienna for a few reasons so it was pretty clear that we were going to be replacing our Honda with another Honda.  But would it be the Odyssey or the Pilot?

I was stumped and then, I had a flash-forward vision of an unfortunate winter morning in the future.  In my vision, I was dressed in a suit with the three little ones safely secured in their car seats in the second row of my snazzy minivan the morning after a significant snowfall.  We were heading off to our daycare (running a little late as usual) and I had to be at a hearing.  Unfortunately, my husband had not yet had a chance to snow blow the driveway ( I am not above yardwork and even shoveling if I have time but snow blowing is something I refuse to do).  My minivan full of children gets stuck in our driveway causing a chain reaction of unpleasant events including me getting my suit pants wet trying to dig out the minivan, me getting aggravated, me summoning a neighbor or two for help, me being late for work and probably me crying along with at least two of my three children.

My alarming vision of the future made my decision easy as pie and I am happy to report that I am the proud new owner of a brand new Honda Pilot and I LOVE it!  But I  have to say, minivans are kind of cool.

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