On June 18th I faced one of the hardest challenges a new mom faces – going back to work. I had the honor of being home with my adorable little girl for eight weeks. Granted some of those weeks were spent recovering, but all in all I had a wonderful time being home with Miss Maddie. Prior to giving birth a lot of moms told me that I would be itching to get back to work and while some of that was very true (particularly on the days that she was “fussy”) I loved being home and bonding with my little girl.

The days leading up to my first day back at work were scary, nerve racking, and upsetting. I tried not to think about it because I didn’t want the last few days being home with her to be filled with anything but enjoyable. As the days went by and the weekend came around I remember thinking to myself, “we can sell the house, we can sell the cars, shoot – I can take public transportation! Anything to be home with Maddie.” Sunday night came and I cherished the bath and bedtime time more than I ever have. I put her in some cozy jammies, quietly kissed her goodnight and read her a book (probably like 10 times)!

Monday came and I was nervous, scared and anxious – I thought to myself, can I handle work, being a mom, wife, etc. and as the hours passed and the days went by I realized – YES, I SURE CAN! Millions of moms do it and I could do. Granted there would be hard and good days, but I knew my time with Maddie would be nothing less than perfect! Ok, I may be a dreamer here and some of you may be thinking – oh lord, she hasn’t go through teething yet, her being sick, etc., but guess what – our time is short and I am going to enjoy every second I have with her and when it does get tough and it will, I’m going to be thankful that I have an amazing support system, a loving husband, great friends , co-workers and a great bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita!

Moms out there – what was your fear going back to work and how did you manage to overcome it or cope with it?

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