There are so many post ideas spinning in my head, but my mind is a bit scrambled and I’m having trouble nailing any inspirational ideas down. I feel like I’m in a time of renewal and rest ~ it’s the “ebb” part in the ebb and flow of it all. How do you do in the ebb? Frankly, I don’t handle it very gracefully. I LOVE the flow ~ that’s when I have exciting ideas and insights, overflowing creativity, energy, playfulness, motivation. I’m interested in life, I want to cook new things, I’m up for any adventure, I’m present with my children, and I always know how to get things done.

But the ebb….oh the damn ebb. I look at things I want to do but don’t have the energy or motivation to get them done, I think food is an outright bother, I really just want to nap and read all day long, creativity is out the window, and I have zero energy. Just this morning I was sitting on my closet floor trying to muster the energy to get dressed. And here I am trying to write a Magical Monday blog post that seems to be going nowhere.

I hate the ebb. BUT I’m going to try and be grateful for it, because I KNOW it is necessary.

So even though I feel like a limp noodle in a wet puddle, I’m grateful for:

* the landscapers weeding and mulching our gardens right now. It’s already looking so nice.

* that our cleaning lady is coming today to clean our filthy house.

* that my hubby is planning on taking the afternoon off and we’re going to go swim in the river.

* that despite a very-low-energy day yesterday we all mustered the energy and playfulness to have a fantastic evening.

* good dark beer.

* grilled hamburgers and macaroni salad.

* the Fifty Shades series that I”m reading right now (and is really juicing up my love life!)

* that I was actually able to find the energy to take my doggie for a run this morning…even if I now don’t feel like moving the rest of the day.

* that despite my whining, complaining, and frustration I recognize that I live a very blessed, very wonderful, very magical life.

Share with me what you’re grateful for today…even if you feel like a limp noodle in a wet puddle. ♥

Handling the ebb…


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