I vaguely remember a friend telling me during my pre-mommyhood days that once you have kids, you talk about poop A LOT.  “You’ll do it,” he assured me.  “You’ll see.”  It was hard for me to imagine at the time because as a naive young adult with literally zero experience caring for children, I just didn’t get it.  Fast forward to today. This morning, I had the pleasure of having Sunday brunch with a few of my gal pals (what a treat!) and poop came up in conversation more than once during our two hour get-together.

We all have preschoolers and we discussed wiping dilemmas and mishaps over the course of our meal.  As many of you probably know, children are eager to be independent but aren’t always coordinated enough to fully master the chore of wiping themselves.  This can get pretty messy to say the least.  I chuckled to myself as I looked around and saw a few odd looks coming in our table’s direction.  Oh well, I thought.  Either they have been there and done that and they understand, or they just don’t get it.  Either way, who cares?  A while later, we were talking about a stomach bug that had been going around and how pretty much every member of our households had suffered a severe case of diarrhea.  There were more people in the restaurant now and we were getting more wierd looks.  Come on people, haven’t you read the book Everyone Poops?  What is the big deal here?  Our chocolate mousse caramel cake arrived shortly after our stomach bug chatter and I had to laugh.

Poop is a major mommy issue and is certain to come up during conversation, isn’t it?  From the moment you have a baby, you’re asked to count bowel movements, note color and consistency and report back to your pediatrician.  And then once potty training begins, the real poop problems begin.  Playing in the toilet, missing the toilet, poop on the floor, and so on and so forth.  As caretakers, it’s only natural to share stories about the multitude of debacles that arise when nature calls on our little ones.

I’ll admit that I look forward to the day when everyone in my house is capable of doing their business on their own in private and there are no more poop tales to tell.  However,  I am a bit frightened about what we will be talking about down the road as I am expecting  to encounter at least a thousand more dilemmas on this wacky parenting adventure and I have a feeling that dealing with poop is the easy part.


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