Are you sensing a theme around here on lately? By now I’m SURE you’ve noticed how empowered we’ve been feeling since our Goddess Gallery photo-shoot. And I’m SURE you’ve even noticed how much we want ALL OTHER WOMEN to feel this way too and will stop at nothing to inspire you to embrace your Inner Goddess!

Do you know why this is so important? Because we Goddesses are going to change the world! Was it Gandhi who said that “western women will save the world”? Whoever said it, I totally believe it. But before we do that, we have to understand and embrace how TRULY POWERFUL WE ALREADY ARE! And that begins with the simple-but-not-so-easy first step of self-acceptance. We live in a culture that has been stead-fastingly teaching us NOT to accept ourselves since birth so that we will buy the next hot product that will make us just a little closer to perfect. I’m sure we all know that THAT current formula works like shit (and frankly, I think it’s one HUGE OL’ conspiracy, but that is a topic for another day).

The ONLY thing we can possibly do now is to say “F*ck it! This is ME! I’m AWESOME and I don’t CARE what anyone else thinks!” THAT is powerful. Those are the words of a Goddess. Every single one of us has this in us.

So this Magical Monday, please join me in recognizing that inner MAGNIFICENCE! Give your Inner Goddess a shout-out and maybe let her come out and play a little more.

I’m a Goddess Because:

* I birthed all three of my babies at home alone all by myself! I draw strength from this whenever I need to.

* I’m always doing what I can to be the best I can be. I embrace change even if it’s scary and I NEVER chicken out!

* I always look for the good in people and I really get off on doing random acts of kindness.

* I’m starting to set firmer boundaries, say what I mean (even if it makes someone else uncomfortable), and not apologize for who I am!

* I really like to have fun, drink good beer, and swear and I KNOW my inner Goddess approves!

What makes up your Inner Goddess? Maybe your Goddess and my Goddess should share a beer and talk it over! ♥

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