I was talking recently with a group of friends and the question came up… What’s your number? No, not THAT number. The number of children you’d like to have. I found it really interesting that several of us were in the “We have two, would like another, but…” camp.

There are so many contributing factors, aren’t there? Finances being pretty high on the list for most of us, I’m guessing. Personally, I kind of think I’m crazy for even imagining a third child. Do you notice I said child and NOT infant? I don’t want another one of those. There. I said it.

Infants are adorable. They are. I know, I had two:

audrey[photo credits]

I KNOW, right? But, don’t let that little flower headband fool you. Infants? Not always so easy. Who knew?

After Audrey, I was firmly in the ONLY TWO CHILDREN, PLZ camp. The idea of a third actually made me shudder. Seriously. I feel like I might have PTSD from her infancy.

But now? Well, NOW she’s fourteen months old. And chubby and saying dada and blowing kisses and clapping and screeching in delight and full of strawberry blonde curly goodness. And Olivia is three. She’s potty trained and sleeping in a big girl bed and CALLS ME MOM. She can do everything “by mine SELF!”

exhibit a of “mine SELF!”

So now I find myself imagining a third child. Another seat at our table. Another little girl to add to our silly sisters? A baby boy? What would he look like? How would he or she change our family in a unique and awesome (and terrifying) way? Ohhh, the girls could get bunk beds and we could make it work and we already HAVE a minivan…

But, then reality hits. Around the same time we receive our childcare bill. And Audrey waking crying at two in the morning with six teeth erupting. Coincidence? Unlikely!

Here’s our “Why We’ll Be a Family of Four” list:

  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Finances
  • We’re 37
  • Reflux
  • I sold/donated all our baby stuff
  • Right now we play man to man defense
  • We’d have to move to a zone defense with three
  • Have you read my past posts? I’m already on medication!

Disclaimer: If we were ever met with a surprise third, we’d be thrilled. Legit thrilled, people. But, it would indeed be a surprise.

So, what’s your number?

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