I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty of falling for advertising gimmicks.  Over the years, I’ve purchased the Magic Bullet, the Chin Gym  and ofcourse, I own a Snuggie.  Unfortunately, it’s not all that snuggly.  I’m always checking out new products and many of them turn out to be flops but I have come across a handful of items that have become staples in my household.

As we know, children of all ages are wonderful messers.  They can make a mess faster than we can clean it for certain.  Below are three cleaning products that I always have on hand to help clean up my family’s messes.  I say “my family’s messes” because not only are my  children, dog and husband mess makers but I have been known to spill things and make messes on my own pretty regularly.


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – the Magic Eraser really is almost like magic.  It removes scuff marks and crayon marks from walls, furniture, floors and probably just about any surface.  I also have used the Magic Eraser to clean the soles of white or light colored shoes.  The Magic Eraser is great in the shower for removing soap scum and works like a champ at getting sticky dog drool off my kitchen tile.



Goof Off – Goof off is something that I use as a last resort because I am guessing by the strong fumes that it is not the most environmentally friendly product but it has worked miracles for me removing old paint from hardware and paint from clothing fairly easily.

Goo Gone  – Goo Gone is great for removing sticker residue off of surfaces and I haven’t had any issues with it damaging finishes (knock on wood).  It has a pleasant smell and works quickly.

How do you help keep sticky situations under control in your home?

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