Last night my hubz and I did something we had only done once since our daughter was born 14 months ago. No, not that – get your mind out of the gutter!

We went on a date!

Hubz and I

The first year of having a baby was very trying on our relationship. Lills, my daughter, was a very colicky baby. That combined with my traumatic birth experience made for a very rocky first 6 months of parenthood for us. Sometimes we were on the same team and other times, we argued, slept in different rooms and did what we needed to do to cope with life. I would love to say becoming new parents was all sunshine and rainbows, but the be honest, it was really, really difficult at times.

We went on our first date post-baby to attend a friend’s wedding and while it was lovely – we didn’t go out by ourselves again until yesterday.

Date Day:

Pretty much all day our little girl was a handful so we were stressed and had a hard time communicating with each other. despite that rocky start, we committed to going out on this date. My sister was nice enough to come up and hang out at our house so we could go out to a local restaurant called Rooftop120 – a super cool place if you want to sit outside and enjoy a pretty view (the drinks are delish too!).

Once my sis was settled in and we put the baby to bed (we went out after we put her to sleep) we headed out to the car. My hubz opened my car door for me (super sweet) and drove us to the restaurant. As we walked hand-in-hand heading to our destination I already felt more relaxed. We sat down at our table which was beautiful and just kind of looked around for a minute. We leisurely looked over the menu and ordered some drinks. For a while we sat there and said nothing. Not because we didn’t have anything to say to each other but because sitting there, in each other’s company was so relaxing and wonderful there just weren’t words to say.

Then, slowly, we started to talk about life, stuff that’s been on our minds and began giving each other compliments. I told him how handsome he looked and he told me how beautiful I am. Little things, yes, but the little things tend to be the most important. It was so wonderful to reconnect and spend time together.

We even had a fun visit from two of our best friends who we haven’t hung out with, sans baby, since the baby was born. It was heaven.

Our pals

We left saying to each other that we must make it a priority to go on one date a month. We’ve got to start making our relationship a top priority again and we’re committed to starting now.

How do you and your partner make your relationship a priority?

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