Adonis was just nine months old when I realized I was pregnant with Kai. Although I wasn’t shocked, the news definitely made me flinch. I wondered how Brandon and I would handle having two wee-ones under two years old. There were a lot of things to worry about- money, time, energy, our relationship. But I knew, right from the beginning, that having two babies so close in age was possibly the greatest gift I will ever be able to give them.

According to my mom and dad, my beautiful sister Allie was an “accident” born just 18 months after me. Since then, she has been my go-to, my best friend, my sharer of secrets and my inspiration.  Earlier this month, Allie set out on a new journey and moved to New Orleans- a move that embodies the oxymoron “bitter-sweet.”

When I see Kai and Adonis interact with each other, I find myself daydreaming about the memories that they will share throughout their lives. There will be fights and forts and dates; maybe they’ll pair up together and make an awesome pitcher/catcher duo; perhaps they’ll break things or skip school together and swear to never tell a soul. And one day, maybe one of the boys will go off to some strange city, all alone, and know that he will always have the other to reach out to any time of the day or night. I hope that they will realize just how lucky they are to have the truest best friend they could ever ask for.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for giving me Allie. She is in almost every memory that I have, big or small, and I love her for a trillion reasons. Here are a few:

I love her for playing hairdresser in the back of our minivan when we were three or four years old. Our bangs have never looked better.

I love Allie for kicking my a**. It wasn’t fun at the time, obviously, but the memories of using all of my might to keep my bedroom door shut so that she would stop hitting me have grown on me. Man, was she strong!

I love her for teaching Adonis how to dance the popcorn.

I love her for bringing me coffee and cleaning the house when I was eight months pregnant with a broken foot.

I love Allie, the woman who has completed two IronMans…. 140.6 miles of swimming/biking/running on the same day!… for responding to my “I just ran 5 miles!” text messages like it is the greatest accomplishment ever.

I love her for being a phenomenal teacher, and for pushing me to be a better one as well.

I love Allie for allowing me to be mean/goofy/sad/bitchy/aloof when I need to be, and not judging me for it.

I love her for not allowing me to put myself down, tolerate bullsh*t, or be okay with “so-so.”

I love her for loving Kai and Adonis and Brandon. And Snort. And Wyatt. And me.

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