Dear Beautiful Third Born Baby,

In only a few short weeks I will finally have the opportunity to meet you. As excited as I am to meet you, I am enjoying our time together and I plan on appreciating every moment of the remaining weeks until you are born. Each evening before bed and each morning before I get up, I take a couple of extra minutes to lie on my side and feel your little kicks and movements.  I will continue to enjoy the very few moments of alone time that we have together.

There are many people who already love and can’t wait to meet you. Your Dad is through the roof, he’s excited and anxious to meet you. You have two beautiful big sisters who are chomping at the bit to see what you look like, to finally know your name, to help feed you, change your diaper, swaddle you and feed you strawberries! You also have a new big cousin, Shay Elizabeth, who will be closest to you in age and I know that the two of you will be life long friends.

If you are curious about all the activity and voices that you have heard from deep inside your comfy little den, here is what you CAN expect:

Yes, your big sisters REALLY are that loud and crazy. You will not get to lounge around in a quiet newborn environment for long. There will be constant activity, songs, dancing, giggling–bordering on screeching, yelling and whining. If you’ve been able to fall asleep through all of this, I suggest you keep it up. Your quiet moments will be few and far in between.

We really are that busy. I hope you enjoy socializing, visiting, and participating in lots of activities, because we are always on the go.  As much as I appreciate a newborn sticking to a schedule, I’m hoping that you will be flexible and appreciate a change of scenery, a quick trip to Vermont, a night or two spent at Aunnie’s house, or an afternoon filled with pick-ups and drop-offs.

A couple of things NOT to expect:

I promise you that once you are born I will not dwell on how physical this pregnancy has been. From the pain and nausea in the beginning, to the heartburn and fatigue in the end, it’s been a real challenge. I promise not to blame you for the flabbiness in my legs and rear, or the deeper set expression lines on my forehead caused by lack of sleep and discomfort. I understand that from the very beginning you have been fighting for my attention, and I respect and admire that about you. Once you are born I plan on partaking in vein treatment, physical training classes, and perhaps a Botox party here and there. When you are older I will thank you for giving me the extra push I needed to make cosmetic improvements.

Don’t expect to be treated like a first born. You are a third born, and because of that your experience will be different. You will not get as much one on one alone time; you won’t get the quiet time, or all the accommodations that come with being the first born. In order to find your way in the world you will have to be even more flexible, accommodating, strong and determined. You will be just as wonderful as your sisters, but you will arrive at your place in the family following a different path. Just keep in mind, although your path will be different, you will be loved the same!

Let’s enjoy our remaining time together. The next couple of weeks will bring lots of transition and surprises. I already love you more than you could ever imagine.



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