From play dates, to games, to grocery shopping, birthdays and family functions – throw full time work into the mix and you have a pretty busy plate each and every week.

We quickly get caught up in life’s demanding schedule and fall short of taking time for ourselves to relax and enjoy what makes us most happy.

What helps alleviate the weekend chores is being able to strategically fit time in each day to save time on the weekends.

Below are some tips to help enjoy life just a little more!

–        Try and do 30 minutes of housework or errands in the morning before work. From changing up the laundry to throwing a meal in the crock pot, do something during the morning that you would normally have to do during the evening hours.

–        If your work schedule permits you to leave during your lunch break and you live close to home, try and do some errands during your lunch and possibly do some grocery shopping. If you’re quick enough you can even swing by your house to drop them off.

–        Cut out the special trips and shop online. Tired of running to the pet store to by dog food or the veterinarian to by frontline? Shopping online can save you hours of time each month with the simple click of a mouse.

–        Want to take some time for yourself or do you desperately need some new clothes. Coordinate your schedule with your husband or loved one who could watch your child(ren) as you spend a few hours each month taking some time for yourself.

–        Showers. I know some women are going to disagree with me on this one, but I love showering at night. I’ve always done it and I know it no other way. It saves me time in the morning and I have a hair style that allows me to comb, quickly spritz and head out the door.

–        Cut down on Makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, actually nothing, but when I do need to put on some blush or lipsticks I stick to the basics – I call it M.L.B (no – not major league baseball, but mascara, lipstick and blush). My three staple items I use when I’m going out or running into a meeting.

–        Accept that you will have to live with some guilt. A majority of moms feel sad and guilty when splitting time up between work and personal life and. Please accept that sometimes you are going to feel torn and stressed. Simply recognize it and try hard to move on.

Working Moms – what tips do you have for readers? What ways do you save time each week to spend a little more time for yourself?

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