This Magical Monday I thought we could use a good ol’ bout of our regular gratitude and appreciation.  To quote Eckhartt Tolle: “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”  I couldn’t agree more, so let’s lay some foundation shall we? In particular I’d like to acknowledge all that is good and wonderful in my family. When good thoughts are directed towards others, they can absolute feel it and reflect it back to us ~ doesn’t that sound wonderful? So today I’m appreciating:

* The fact that my 4 year laughs and cries with passion and abandon. He can really, really wail when he’s upset and then totally shake it off. And when he laughs well…my hubby and I agree it’s just about the best sound in the world. It’s also totally infectious and contagious.

* That my 7 year old tells me everything. He also regularly states that he loves himself, which gives me hope that I haven’t screwed up him too much. How WONDERFUL to be able to say that you love yourself and absolutely mean it!

* My sweet baby who, it has to be said, is the absolute most adorable baby in the world! The twinkle in his eye, the ready smile on his face at all times, and his babbling. He makes me smile even when I don’t want to. He lights up all of our family’s world!

* That my wonderful hubby ALWAYS puts me first. He’s such a wonderful partner and friend. Today he’s planning a spontaneous surprise for me and the idea of it is tickling me to no end! He cooks, he affords me breaks, he gives the most wonderful massages AND he’s the best kisser. ♥

I tell you, it’s impossible NOT to smile when you’re thinking about all the wonderful things about the ones you love. Give it a try and see how your mood and day improves. Happy Magical Monday. 🙂

P.S. If you want to greatly improve a relationship in your life, check out this “Sparkle Mission” I did for my hubby. It really WAS magical….

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