Recently, CT Working Moms started a new initiative, Working Moms on the Move, an online forum for working moms to motivate one another to work out, hear what busy moms are doing to fit exercise into their lives and feel empowered to take care of ourselves while taking care of our families.  The support and motivation I’ve experienced has truly been amazing and keeps me getting up at 5:40 to do workout videos and runs! If you aren’t participating already, you should really consider signing up!

Another thing that this online community of women has done is caused me to question if exercise is a privilege.  I never thought about exercise as a privilege before, but having the time to exercise, or a safe community within which to exercise, or the money to pay for a gym membership or pay for classes is a privilege that not all working moms have access to.

I feel extremely fortunate.  I have a 10 minute commute and my childcare is 5 minutes from my work. I live in a town where I can leave my door and run on sidewalks typically passing between 6-12 runners at 6am in the morning.  I can purchase workout videos and have a place in my home where I can do them comfortably.  I’m married, so when I leave the house to go on my run I have a supportive partner at home to care for my kids.  All of these things afford me the opportunity to workout and take care of myself, body and mind.

For many working moms, finding the time and space to workout is incredibly difficult.  I wish this were different and I wish I had the solution, but I don’t. I can however offer, at $5 a month, a community of hard working moms doing the best they can to take care of their families and themselves. Working Moms on the Move is a place for working moms to brainstorm ways to fit fitness and healthy eating into their lives. It’s done wonders for me and I hope it can do the same for you!


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