My day Off – isn’t really a day off:

I am using a Vacation day from work, so my hubby can complete a job – but it’s far from a vacation it seems.

– It starts, there is no commute today but work it will be.

– Little man requested and ate most of his oatmeal.

– While I emptied dishwasher and drank a ½ cup of coffee, not because I didn’t want the whole cup, but because I got busy doing something else and it got cold and after reheating twice already I caved and dumped it down the sink.

– changed 2 poop diapers before 11am, after he poops he wants to sit on the potty before I change him, oh that’s FUN!

– Fiddled with some stuff around the kitchen and dining room, Colored shapes and talked about letters and how to spell his name.

– 11:45 little man brings me his blanket and wants to sit on “black chair and Mommas shoulder” he wants to nap. So I proceed to his room to sit in the rocker – ummm apparently I have the wrong black chair tears and crying “black Chair Momma” okay I try the brown couch, nope – oh I figure it out the dining room chairs how could I have not realized he wanted to snuggle up on mommas shoulder in the dining room chair silly me, too early to have a glass of wine?

– Noon he is asleep – placed in his crib and Yes, a moment to myself – Ha fate says !

– Great (said sarcastically) Moms got diaherea – okay my own issues done onto the next agenda item.

– Gather all things to try to Deskunk dog again today – oh did I forget to mention the lovely Boxer we have got skunked last night and I was out there at 10pm washing him in the semi dark motion lights – fast forward to today rounds 3&4 of trying to wash the smell of skunk away- which actually up close, way closer than I ever wanted to be, smells like burning tires!

– DE skunk shampoo – wait 5 mins on coat, but don’t let it get in dogs eyes, nose, mouth or ears…ummm yeah really, I mean really have they tried soaking a dog with this stuff and not getting it into those areas? Mind you the most common place a dog gets sprayed it seems is the face. About 5 mins up, I rinse him and then wash again with flea and tick shampoo cause why not I’m already doing all of this.

– Sprinkle pest away around perimeter of yard in hopes it keeps the little skunk bugger away.

– Towels, gloves, clothes all bagged up to throw out (cause even the bottle suggested tossing things worn or used during the process)

– Uh oh tummy troubles again – I’m thinking its stress related now.

– Off to take a shower ….all soaped up conditioner just went on hair and I hear crying for Momma – little man is up. Momma will be right there, can you play with something in your crib please, momma has to finish her shower…. yeah right – that is what I wanted to say , I quickly rinse off cause a 23 month old doesn’t have the reasoning skills after waking from a nap and wanting lunch.

– dress, change toddler diaper, get ready for lunch – I forget to feed me – this dawns on me alater at about 6pm when I am ravished and snapping for no reason other than I forgot to eat lunch.

– My head is thinking Vacation day my Ass – I should be able to classify it as day off One Job for another Job!

– coloring again – this was fun until he decided to run off with a crayon and head to the couch – I stopped him before crayon met leather couch surface…whew disaster adverted for now.

– Hmmm what else could I do – oh I got the genius idea to de clutter our linen closet. Going through old hair products – not used in over a year toss, expired Alka-Seltzer toss, I was in toss frenzy and it felt good! As my good friend Kerri told me it was a mindless thing I needed at the moment. I guess in a way it was – but it also made more work, now I want to go get little containers to organize the medicine and what not’s that are in there.

– Oh, where is my kid while I was doing this? Little man was eating an ice pop in his high chair watching me during this – hey I justified it by saying it is summer after all he should be able to have an ice pop in the afternoon – a sugar-free ice pop though.

– Also, today mom must not mean business so it seems no matter what I said to little man he did the opposite I know we are fast approaching that dreaded “terrible two” mark but man, my patience was running low and there were plenty of time outs and melt downs yet plenty of hugs and kisses and cute moments too.

– What’s next, free play time around the house because although he wanted to go out that darn skunk got our deck area and some grass too, I really don’t want it getting on him, hopefully the rain will wash some of it away.

– Start prepping dinner – Hubby will be home soon – Thank God!!

– I really have to praise my Husband Dan, I don’t know how he does it, day in and day out as a stay at home Dad – I was stressed with little man and all the other stuff of the day and I felt like I worked much harder than I would on a typical day in the office and longed briefly to be in my cubicle. Okay it wasn’t the whole day that I longed that,  there were plenty of ahhh this is good moments but it was a day.

 I owe him big time – he is an awesome Dad!


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