Not having any motivation to decide what to make for dinner is not the best feeling, especially when you blog specifically about food.  My days lately are plagued by a busy schedule (long work days, plus often having to work on my days off), early mornings in the bakery, not enough sleep, and no time to grocery shop or *gasp*, search Pinterest for recipes.  I’m sure most of you can relate.

So, how does one provide balanced, healthy meals for themselves and their families when the last thing they feel like doing is cooking?  Hubby and I have been relying a lot on more “convenience” foods than we usually do: pre-marinated or -seasoned meat and fish from our grocery store, veggies that require little more than steaming, and 5-minute boil-in-bag rice, to name a few.  I recently went to Stew Leonards for the first time and am loving their selection of gourmet burgers (the grill has been our g0-to appliance this summer!) and heat-and-eat side dishes.  While we do treat ourselves to a pizza some Friday nights, we do still try to find a way to cook dinner together, schedules and food-funk be damned.

What are your dinnertime strategies when time, money or inspiration is lacking?  Do you have any tried and true recipes to share with everyone?

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