This well-written post by my fellow blogger, Sarah Bourne Perillo, is making for some good conversation (check out the comments at the bottom of her post).  I was going to comment as well by posting the following You Tube Video featuring Sir Ken Robinson, but decided to make it a separate post so as not to derail the current discussion.

This 12 minute video is really worth watching if you’re unsure or unsatisfied with the path of our current education system. My mother, who taught in the pubic schools for close to 30 years, retired at the end of the 2012 school-year because in her words she “just couldn’t take it anymore”, fed up with what she feels is the wrong emphasis on true learning.

I homeschool my children. My brother also homeschools his daughter. We do it for different reasons. He homeschools so his daughter will learn school subjects BETTER. I homeschool so my children aren’t subjected to school subjects AT ALL. I feel very comfortable with my decision and the following video outlines why. I don’t feel everyone has to know the same things in order to do well in life. In fact, it feels absurd to me.

I feel that everyone is born with different gifts…and those gifts are not necessarily brought out in our current educational system. I want to provide my children a world in where they can discover and explore their own gifts freely, organically, actively, and in joy. I don’t think you have to homeschool to do this, but I do believe you have to be asking the right questions…

This Sir Ken Robinson video was originally featured on last March by our Wisdom Wednesday blogger Sarah Woodson Bernhardson in her post “Where are our children headed?” That sounds like one of the right questions.

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