This Magical Monday I thought I’d play a game called “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” This game is a fun way of visualizing how you’d LIKE things to be rather than how they currently are ~ it’s an intention even, and could surprise you with its eventual creations! Today’s game is going to focus on a society that HONORS mothers and REVERES families…’cause really, wouldn’t THAT be nice?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If..

* Saggy breasts were a sought-after badge of honor, indicating that you’ve loved and nourished children? Saggy breasts are something to aspire to and young girls would look at Mothers and think “Oh! I can’t WAIT to have sagging breasts too!” Men also think that ball-in-the-bag look the sexiest thing EVER!

* Organic Prepared Meals Shoppes were attached to every single Day Care Provider. In the morning during drop-off, you place your order for dinner that night. When you pick up your children, you pick up your order and are sent off with a cocktail in hand (because in my world, one-for-the-road is socially acceptable), making you a very relaxed Mama by the time you get home.

* Husbands swooped in BEFORE the inevitable Mama-Breakdown saying “Sweetie, take some time for yourself. I have this.” In my world, this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!

* There was a manicure station on every flight. Every pilot has training as a comedian and the flight attendants know how to juggle and make balloon animals.

* Restaurants come equipped with big overstuffed chairs and couches and there’s a train table next to every dining table, with the option of also eating on the floor.

* People broke out into spontaneous song and dance in the street!

* There were beer and wine vendors at every park, beach, and playground!

* The wiser you get, the hotter you look!

* People had the option of taking mid-day siestas (as in Europe) so families and friends could eat lunch and drink wine together…and then only returned to work if they wanted to!

Oh, this is SUCH a fun game! Join in if you want and tell me what YOU think would be nice….


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