It’s my turn to share with everyone my “28 Things I’ve learned in 28 Years!” I hope that the statements below can be of use to our readers and please continue to share with us what you’ve learned throughout your life.

1.   The sooner you figure out who you are and accept yourself the better you will feel

2.    Always share with others

3.    Do unto others as you want to be treated

4.    Show respect for those in high and low positions– everyone is equal

5.    Having too much fun in high school will play a major role in your future college career – stay focused during these years and the finish line will be closer than you think

6.    Always communicate with your parents – they will trust you that much more and allow you to do more things

7.    Your first job is one of the most important ones you will learn from

8.    Stay away from fake people – they will create nothing but toxicity in your life

9.    What comes around goes around

10.  You need to respect yourself before others can

11.  Put yourself first – it’s the first and last thing you will see each day – cherish it

12.  It’s OK to cry, it doesn’t show weakness, but true character

13.  Betrayal is the hardest to forgive and it’s OK if takes longer than expected to get over

14.  Never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do

15.  Those in your teenage who were “soo cool”– aren’t so cool now – laugh and appreciate that you stayed true to who you are

16.  Date, date and date. Eventually you will find your Prince and when you do – that’s when you’ve become lucky and blessed

17.  The smart and quiet boys in school turn into the sexiest, most amazing husbands

18.  Love and cherish your parents- they represent unconditional love

19.  Living at home during college was what worked best for me and I don’t regret it

20.  We all take care of ourselves in various ways. From massages and pedi’s to shopping and having a glass of wine. Seeing a therapist to cleanse your mind and soul should also be in the mix!

21.  Friends come and go and your qualities of a friendship will change over time

22.  Humor and laughter will take you through difficult times

23.  It’s OK to ask for help and to seek advice of others– that’s where you learn the most from

24.  The most rewarding experience in life is being a mother – it’s the toughest job, but most fulfilling

25.  Try to not come home from work stressed out about the littlest of things – life is too short and nothing is worth it

26.  Never let anyone make you feel inferior or inadequate– you are strong and smart

27.  You are your own advocate and no one in this world will fight, stick up or protect you – more than you

28. I never knew how much I needed my mother until the time came and I had a baby

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