Throughout my life I have held many titles: student, daughter, friend, granddaughter, graduate assistant, niece, researcher, wife, budget analyst, and mother. Recently, I’m privileged and honored to add a new title to my ever-expanding repertoire, and that is the title of aunt! Along with my new title, my beautiful, baby niece, “Baby S”, made my daughters “cousins” and they couldn’t be happier!

My beautiful niece!

Becoming a mother is one of the most wonderful, emotional, difficult and rewarding transitions that you will undergo in your life. With what little experience I have had, becoming an aunt is fun, fun and more fun! Since her arrival, I now find myself thinking in threes, two for my girls and one for Baby S. My girls are now thinking in threes as well. During a recent back-to-school shopping trip my oldest daughter saw an adorable baby toy and declared that, “Baby S needs this for back to school!” Being an aunt allows you the privilege of creating a special bond with a beautiful baby, visiting them when you are able, spoiling them all the time, and not having to worry about midnight feedings.

When I think back to my childhood I have an abundance of memories of my favorite aunt. She is the person I would confide in, when parents simply were not an option, like the first time I got pulled over for speeding. She was also the woman in my life who could give me advice that would be tolerated or heard differently than if it came from my mother. For instance, the day of my eighth grade pool party when I was lying on the bed refusing to put on my bathing suit because of this new “period” thing, and a tremendous fear of tampons. She told me to “deal with it, grow up, and use the damn tampon!” Her words of wisdom have served me well throughout my life.

There are many ways to be an aunt, I wonder, ultimately what kind I will be? Will I be like Tom Sawyer’s Aunt Polly, caring yet disciplined; relatively naive, yet a solid motherly role model. Or, will I end up like Aunt Bee, from the Andy Griffith Show, cooking, sewing, mending, and offering infinite wisdom to all that seek it. Or perhaps I will be most like Patty and Selma Bouvier, Marge Simpson’s smoking, drinking, raspy-voiced older sisters who meddle in the family business, complain continuously about Homer, but are ultimately beloved by the family.

I look forward to watching my daughters grow and supporting them through all the events that life throws our way. I also know that I will have the opportunity to support and provide advice to Baby S in ways that transcend parenting roles. Having a close aunt in your life can positively impact and alter you. I view it as a privilege and honor to try to fulfill this role for Baby S. I look forward to our conversations about boyfriends, prom dresses and ways in which her parents have eternally mortified her.  I know that my daughters will seek out this support and advice from their Aunnie, and it is through these opportunities that both of us, being mothers and aunts, will be able to experience a richer and more bountiful version of love.

The feelings of sisterhood, love and girl power are at an all-time high in our family. I know that the readers and bloggers of will appreciate this. Has your life been affected by a loving aunt, or an adult who has transcended a parenting role?

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