What does a “good school” look like to you?

Back-to-school time is officially on the horizon. Although we do have plenty of summer fun still to go before the buses start running again, I can’t help but think about the upcoming school year, as it’s my older son’s last year of preschool. Next year this time, we’ll be in a different place. We’ll be meeting a new teacher, touring a new building, figuring out a new routine. The missing piece to this puzzle, at least for us, is where this school will be.

There’s been a lot of discussion — on this website, among my friends, in my home, and in the news — about our schools. What makes a “good school?” How do you decide that a school is “good?” How did you decide where your children would go to school, or how will you decide this when they reach school age? These are daunting questions, at least for me. One thing I am certain of is this question doesn’t have the same answer for everyone…and that’s fine. Kids are different, and our society flourishes because of the different talents and interests of our many citizens…so should our schools all look the same and function in the same way? Does “one size” fit all? Should parents have more choice when it comes to their children’s education?

I’d love to hear what parents are looking for in “good schools” for their children. If you’re in need of inspiration, or if you’re interested in reading one writer and researcher’s thoughts on the topic, check out the list below by Alfie Kohn. Do you agree?

Alfie Kohn’s What to Look for in a Classroom, published in September 1996 in the journal Educational Leadership

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