I think it’s time for another round of True Confessions. It’s freeing, it’s liberating, and it’s amazing how many people have the same confessions as you. How about it, wanna join me and unload yourself?

True Confessions:

* In the very recent past I may have whisper-yelled to my baby in the middle of the night “Go the F*#@ to sleep!” We forgave each other in the morning.

* My 4 year old hurts himself so often that sometimes I’m just exasperated, not sympathetic.

* Sometimes I REALLY look forward to the time when my baby is able to zone out in front of the TV.

* I’ve stopped trying to make my kids eat the dinner I make ~ sometimes they eat it, sometimes I just let them snack the night away.  My baby eats EVERYTHING so he’s sort of let the older ones off the hook…

* I’m home with my children all day, yet I’m rarely the one who cooks, I never do laundry, and I hardly ever clean. And that’s that.

* I’ve been known to hide big bags of Cheetos in my closet so I don’t have to share them.

* Some days I’m simply filling time and counting the hours between naptime and bedtime.

* I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and I crave down time/alone time, which is why I always lie down with my babies for naps.

* I don’t really get 7 year old humor.

* I don’t really care for vegetables unless they’re drenched in cheese or dressing.

* I’m a reforming call-screener.

* I don’t censor the videos my kids watch on You Tube and don’t look forward to the day that I may have to.

* My husband has been in a really bad mood since we bought our expensive house 5 years ago. I talked him into buying the house in the first place, so his bad mood is partially my doing. And yet…I still think everything is going to be okay.

Whew! As always, that feels great! Don’t leave me and my dirty laundry hanging here all by myself. What are some of YOUR recent confessions?

Did I say that?!


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