We finally decided on a pediatrician and had our first appointment. We really liked her. She was cheerful, the boys connected with her and her words even got Ben to try eating a vegetable. She agreed with Max’s treatment plan and even called specialists for us to make sure we saw the exact doctors she wanted us to see in a timely manner. She took notes on Max’s file and asked us a lot of questions.

There was an issue with a prescription she wrote so I had to go back into the office. As I was waiting, the doctor came into the hallway so the office manager could explain the situation. She had written the script so it read that we only needed 1 pill vs. 1 month’s worth of pills. The doctor was told that the pharmacy wouldn’t fill it that way. They wanted a corrected script. That’s when I heard the words “That is so retarded, just call them and tell them to fill it.” Do you hear the sound of tires screeching? I did. Wait. What did she just say?

I took the new prescription and left, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I posted what had happened on Facebook and all 16 commenters insisted I find a new doctor for the boys. I find that word to be offensive. I hate that she used it. But is it cause to find a new doctor?

I keep telling myself that I misunderstood her, but I know I didn’t. I keep telling myself that I should take a stand and leave the practice after only one visit and make sure to tell them exactly why I did. But part of me doesn’t want to. Part of me just wants to pretend it didn’t happen because I just don’t want to find another doctor. Maybe gently mention it the next time we see her and let her know that I found it offensive. I mean, I have friends who have used the word and I’ve told them how I feel about it. I haven’t stopped being friends with those people.

After all the research I did when we first moved here, she was the one we liked best. She was recommended by friends, who when their son was in the hospital for a week after surgery, she came to visit him every day. Max’s file is hundreds of pages long and we’d have to transfer that over again, go over his history again, introduce him to someone else again, connect with someone new. I just dread it. I know to many of you reading this, if not all of you, it’s a no brainer. Just find a new doctor. But I’m curious to hear from other parents of children with medical issues. Have you been with your doctor a while, or just really connected with him/her? If so, would you leave over something like this or confront him/her and move on? I could really use some wisdom.

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