This summer the husband and I were lucky enough to have my parents ie: Nonna & Poppy take Jake for the weekend so that we could go on a little anniversary getaway.  I use the term “take Jake” because that’s pretty much how it went down.  They can’t get enough of the kid, and have been wanting a Jake weekend for a while now, so Mike and I were more than happy to oblige.  As I made my pack list (sign of clothes-obsessed fashionista or obsessive-compusive lister, well, that’s for you to decide), I knew to include skirts, tank tops, cute [but lacking in total functionality] sandals, and even a sleeveless top that *gasp* is dry clean only!  You see, when you step away from the child, all of a sudden “dry clean only” shouldn’t scare you out of wearing something.  No one’s there with chocolate pudding fingers, or meatball & marinara hands offering up a hug, so live dangerously, girl!

On our last night out, as we were attempting to photograph ourselves with Mike’s outstretched arm and our faces too close together so that we’d both be in the same shot, a nice little family came by and offered to take our picture.  This is what a mom looks like on vacation, sans child:

Woah, Mom! Notice the cute skirt, small tote, and stain-free tank top?  And look at Dad!  He’s wearing a light blue tee, and Nantucket reds- LIVIN’ THE STAIN-FREE, DIAPER BAG-LESS DREAM, MY FRIENDS!

And what a dream it was.  So last week when we took Jake on our family vacation, I packed more skirts, more cute sandals, a bikini, and the usual suspects:  J.Crew shorts, a few Old Navy v-neck tees, a tankini, my Red Sox hat, and my 5 seasons-old vineyard Vines whale flip flops.  I’d tell you the rest, but you probably already know where this is going.  Can you guess which clothes got the most mileage, and which were left shoved deep in the bottom of my Vera Bradley duffel bag, never to see the light of day on the streets of down town Mystic?

What happened was that functionality won out over frill.  Sometimes skirts are not the most practical items to wear, especially when chasing down a lightning-fast 18 month old at the Stay & Play in Old Saybrook on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  And those really really cute but totally not functional sandals I was talking about?  Let’s just say they’ve been getting their fair share of mileage at the office, instead…

Oh, and this is the place where I’m supposed to show you a picture of what Mom looks like on vacation, right?  I really wish I could, but if you’ve ever taken an 18 month old larger-than-life-ball-of-energy on a 4 day vacation, then I think you know why, too.

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