I have learned and been taught a lot of lessons throughout my life, some good and some not so good. When reflecting on the most valuable and useful lessons that I have learned over the past 31 years, I draw on the wisdom of all the wonderful women in my life and how much they have helped me to become who I am today…

#1- If you feel strongly about something, stand up for it. Don’t compromise away your true feelings or beliefs. If you do, your identity is the only thing that will truly be compromised.

#2- Always wear clean underwear when going out in the car, you never know when you might get into a car accident and need medical attention, and you don’t want to be wearing dirty underwear (Nana).

#3- Laundry is a thankless job.

#4- The bond between a mother and her daughter(s) is an indescribable force that culminates love, admiration, respect, fun, silliness, and occasionally frustration and anger.

#5- Maple soft serve (with real Vermont maple syrup, not the flavor shot junk) is the best ice cream ever.

#6- It is ok to go to bed without underwear on, and on occasion, it is ok to only wash your face with a warm  washcloth (Mimi).

#7- I like my friends like I like my cocktails, strong, colorful, bubbly, with a little splash of crazy.

#8- True love is a real thing.

#9- Dancing always make you feel better. Dancing in your living room with the lights off, holding the hands of two little girls can be just as fun as a night of sweat-filled dancing in da club (Emily).

Sweaty, dance-filled night!

#10- It is always a good idea to put your address label inside the cover of a book you really love (my OTHER Nana).

#11- Always send a thank you note, people will remember this and be appreciative of the thoughtful gesture.

#12- When questioning what to wear to a social function, you can rarely go wrong with ‘Snappy-Casual’ (Rebecca).

#13- Always have a supply of cream cheese, fancy jam (preferably from Stonewall Kitchen), and good crackers in your kitchen. It serves as a wonderful appetizer when company stops over unexpectedly (my Mother-in-Law).

#14- If you have to poop, take the time to do it, and don’t wiggle around when you are on the potty (my three-year old).

#15- Don’t dwell on your current situation, be thankful for what you have, things can always be worse (my Mom).

#16- Don’t ever stress about things that can be fixed with money (my Mom).

#17- Learning to exercise regularly will not only make you healthier, it will make you happier.

#18- A good, dark beer can soothe the soul (Meg).

#19- There is a difference between being a forgiving person and being a doormat (my Mom).

#20- You don’t have to have a blood relation to be considered family.

#21- It’s ok to fight.

#22- It’s a special thing to find a friend who can regularly ‘go the distance’ with you on a night of drinking (Jen).

#23- Why buy anything full-priced when you can get it on sale (Bobo)?

#24- Being a parent will cause you to cry (for many different reasons, at many different times, over many different years).

#25- Marriage can be easy.

#26- Being athletic is a great skill to possess.

#27- Be responsible for your own money, and always keep some cash in your purse, or your freezer, in case the house burns down (my Mom, Nana and Mimi).

#28- Being well-educated is important for yourself, your family, your community, and the advancement of society.

#29- Donuts can make you happy (my two-year old).

#30- Take at least two vacations a year, and make one of them an adults-only vacation.

#31- Enjoy your life.


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