#1. There can be a BIG difference between chronological age and biological age. As far as my chronological age, I have chosen to defy it.

#2. Everything happens for a reason and everything happens for the best…even if we don’t know what that is in the moment.

#3. As my husband has always said: Happy Wife  = Happy Life. It’s best to find a partner that believes this to be true!

#4. You REALLY DON’T know what it’s all about until you have children.

#5. Your INTUITION is your BIGGEST, BESTEST guide. I believe NO ONE else above my intution.

#6. Dreams carry a lot of wisdom and can be great sources of information if you let them.

#7. You don’t necessarily need doctors or even midwives to have natural, healthy, safe births. I’ve had 3 Unassisted Births and they’ve been highlights of my life.

#8. In the same vein, childbirth doesn’t REALLY have to be painful either! You heard it here first!

#9. Diet Gurus should be shot. No one can tell you what’s best for YOUR body. (I used to be a Diet Guru, so I can say this.)

#10. Bread and cheese are my POWER foods and have been since birth.

#11. If you thank/bless your food it’s more nutritious.

#12. If you thank/bless your beer you won’t get hangovers.

#13. There are aliens, ET’s, and other planets with life. Anyone who thinks we are alone in the universe has their head up their arse.

#14. If you ask the Angels for a good parking spot, they will ALWAYS provide. Seriously, try it.

#15. You should believe NOTHING you hear on TV. Especially the news.

#16. Performing Random Acts of Kindness can be addicting.

#17. Life is more fun when you wear wings.

#18. You should let yourself have a little chocolate everyday.

#19. Nothing is sexier than confidence.

#20. Soulmates really do exist and life is magical when you find yours.

#21. Sex can keep getting better and betterer the longer you’re married.

#22. You should never dim your light just to make someone else more comfortable.

#23. Being Authentic makes people like you a lot more than just agreeing with everything they say.

#24. We only see 1% of reality with our 5 senses. The other 99% is magical, metaphysical, beyond our imagining.

#25. Pregnant sex ROCKS!

#26. It is ALWAYS 5:oopm SOMEWHERE.

#27. The best superpower you can have is the ability to laugh at yourself.

#28. Our babies can communicate with us before birth AND before conception ~ really, really, really, truly.

#29. Gratitude can REALLY change your life.

#30. Life is better with a hot-tub.

#31. The best gift a mother can give herself is the gift of a cleaning lady. I will go without groceries before I go without my cleaning lady.

#32. It’s okay to be stubborn, uncompromising and pig-headed…until it’s not.

#33. Positive affirmations really do work.

#34. Just because something is normal does not mean it’s natural.

#35. It’s okay to let your freak-flag fly. Conformity is for the small-minded.

#36. There ARE conspiracies in this world ~ BIG ones.

#37. There are many paths up the same mountain and everyones path is perfect.

#38. Doing laundry isn’t THAT important.

#39. Neither is wearing underwear.

#40. Naps are a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very good thing.

#41. If you don’t really like to cook, marrying a man who loves to cook is a tremendous blessing.

and as a bonus (’cause I just can’t stop myself)

* It’s okay to change ~ change your tastes, your preferences, your hobbies, your beliefs, your habits and your perceptions of who you are. We are always evolving into something even more freakin’ awesome than we are today.

* Listening to crickets under a starry sky is a blissful experience…especially from a hot-tub.

* Five of the best smells are baking bread, simmering taco meat, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, baby heads and my hubby’s neck.

* Children are the BEST zen teachers!

* Comfort zones aren’t really that comfortable.

* Sometimes to get your point across on the internet it’s entirely appropriate to use multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

* Doing this post was really, really, really fun.

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