On any given day you can find me scrolling on my iPhone speed reading my Twitter feed. (marie5k, btw).  There, in posts with 140 characters or less, is a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be tapped.  And tap, I do.  Following an embarrassing amount of fashion bloggers, luxe brands, flash sale sites, and magazines, I credit these fashion gurus with helping me work new pieces within my existing wardrobe, play around with several styles within my current wardrobe, and, much to the chagrin of my loving Husband, expand my wardrobe.

Sometimes I have to force myself to broaden my fashion horizons.  Before having a kid I would stop over to TJ Maxx or the mall on my way home from work, or go on a shopping trip with my mom on the weekend.  Finding even an hour to devote to browsing the racks, trying on clothes, and getting back home can be challenging.  So what’s a busy working mom to do?  Short of wearing the same outfits over and over again, no matter how old they are, (they still fit, so they must still be in style, right??) I had to find a quick alternative to the same old stuff.   The next time you find yourself in a fashion rut, and turning to InStyle and Lucky have left you even more clueless than when you picked them up at the checkout counter at CVS, remember these great resources to follow on Twitter:

  • RueLaLa.  Rue is a flash sale website — they offer up flash sales every day at 11:00 a.m. EST, and they last for up to three days, or until the stock is sold out.  It’s a great place to find 7 for all mankind jeans, Sperry topsiders, and Ray Bans for far less than retail.  They regularly post fun fashion tips on their Twitter feed, and links to fashion trending articles.
  • ModCloth. A fun, romantic, vintage inspired resource for up-to-the-minute styles in the fashion realm.  ModCloth is like Anthropologie meets Target price point.  Follow them on Twitter for sales, outfit ideas, and fun little quotes.
  • JulepMaven.  Based out of Seattle, the company is founded on the basis of toxin-free beauty.  Their extensive line of nail color, as well as the Julep Maven program (similar to Birchbox) has made them an instant hit in the past year.  Julep is famous for tweeting pics of its users trying out new nail colors, as well as daring pattern and nail tip designs.
  • KateSpadeNY. One of my favorite companies to follow on Twitter — cutesy little shots of cocktails, oysters, cupcakes and ice cream cones await you once you follow Kate Spade.  Not only are they a fashion forward accessories designer, but the fashion shots posted on a daily basis? Drool-worthy!
  • Garance Doré.  A guest designer for Kate Spade’s newest line, she is a quirky and delightful illustrator-turned blogger.  (Isn’t that always the case these days? The fun girls-turned bloggers?!) Check her out for daily outfit inspiration and bookmark her blog for future resources.
  • J.Crew.  An American fashion icon, J.Crew recently entered the Twitterverse and entered full-bore.  Posting up daily style ideas, stars spotted in J.Crew pieces, and sale tips, J.Crew is there for you and ready to offer women everywhere ways to add wardrobe staples into your work day looks.  Annnnnd, glitter ballet flats.  Lots of glitter…

Finding inspiration online to add to your style sketchbook is a great way to learn about new trends, how to update your current look, and how to incorporate trendy items into long-lasting pieces in your wardrobe that you’ll always turn to.  And as if these resources aren’t good enough, here is an example of how I paired today’s outfit with two twitter posts I read this week:

First, RueLaLa offers a new way to wear necklaces — think bracelet stacking, but instead of your wrist, it’s around your neck.  Then, Garance Dore chimes in with the quest for the perfect tee-shirt.  So, when you put together a little of this, and a little of that, this is what you end up with!   Oh, and btw, my perfect tee? Is a $7.50 special from Old Navy.  Legit. Bought 4 of them this summer in different styles and colors.

You might remember seeing this “perfect tee” somewhere else…

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