It started after I housed my second cupcake. It was a mocha cappuccino cupcake and it was delicious. Mia apparently thought so too (or maybe it was the caffeine in the coffee bean topping), and kicked my labor into gear. Four days, two epidurals, and several proclamations of love to the anesthesiologist later, Mia was born via c-section.

Looking back I really don’t remember the pain. I do remember my futile shouts of “someone please help me,” and threatening to hurt Matt if he didn’t stop the creaking noise in his chair. But the rest is a blur. Except for when I saw Mia for the first time. She was swaddled in a blanket, little pink knit hat on her head, eyes wide open looking around and blowing spit bubbles. At ten minutes old she was in true Mia fashion, totally absorbing the world around her. It was an awesome moment. I was so relieved she was cute and didn’t look at all like an alien.

After that, the real work began. And with each passing day, I swear I forget how hard the day before was. I guess that’s how it’s meant to be. We forget, so we keep going. Or maybe we just get used to it and even learn to enjoy it?

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody. Get some rest and enjoy some family time. Would love to hear any labor stories too!


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