1. You can only control yourself and how you react…so stop trying to control things you can’t.
  2. Worrying before something bad happens will not change anything.
  3. Sleep naked. It will feel sexy and liberating.
  4. Sex is important in a marriage.
  5. Emotional support is important too.
  6. Keep your girlfriends through all the changes of life, they will keep you sane.
  7. Do not take yourself or anyone else too seriously.
  8. Work hard but play harder.
  9. If someone constantly makes you feel bad….let them go because you are letting someone make you feel bad.
  10. If you want to change something, stop making excuses and change it.
  11. A good laugh can change the mood in a second.
  12. Giving to others will always make you feel good.
  13. Giving to yourself every once in a while feels fabulous.
  14. I am glad I am not perfect, because the people who love me, love me anyways.
  15. Sex is like the gym, sometimes I am so tired but when you are done you are happy you went.
  16. If everyone around you is telling you something is wrong, it probably is.
  17. People can change but you cannot give so many chances that there will be no reason to.
  18. Men do not see all of the flaws in our bodies we do. They just see a hot, sexy, naked lady.
  19. Try not to judge others too harshly. I have eaten my words over the years.
  20. If your marriage is not strong before you have kids it will be even tougher after.
  21. Compliment others, your husband and yourself.
  22. Sometimes in a fight it is ok to concede for the overall sake of the relationship.
  23. You may feel silly but wear some lingerie every once in a while. When you are 90 you can think back to what a hot tart you are.
  24. I was not a happy pregnant woman but so far am an extremely happy mother.
  25. When I think my life is hard, I step back and think “I do not live in Haiti.”
  26. If you have a chance to go abroad then do it! (My only regret)
  27. The day you settle in life, love or dreams is the day you settle.
  28. People will only change if they want to, not because you want them to.
  29. You can laugh about it or cry…I would rather laugh.
  30. People will not remember how much you acquired but how you made them feel.
  31. I  recognize that I do not know everything and have so much more to learn.



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