Little girls are darling but from the moment one finds out they are being blessed with a sweet baby girl, there are certain things that become unavoidable.  Even before my daughters were born, relatives warned me that I would be “paid back” for all the trouble that I gave my mother as a teen when my little ladies become teenagers.  I have already given much thought to all of the tough issues that I am bound to face while doing my best to parent and guide sometimes off-the-hook tweens into respectful young ladies with high self-esteem in the future.  To say the least, it’s frightening and I’m scared.

Little girls ask for ponies and pedicures but I will one day have to explain periods and premenstrual moodswings.  I will have to buy training bras and teach hair removal methods.  There will probably be more heartbreaks than I care to think about plaguing our home in the years to come, many over young lads not worth my girls’ time of day if they follow along in their mother’s footsteps.  Ah, the many joys of womanhood.   But I digress, I am writing this post because I knew from the moment that I became a mom to a little girl that that the day would come when she would ask for her ears to be pierced.  I realize that many people choose to pierce little girls’ ears when they are babies but for me, I feel that a person is born with 2 ears and who am I to decide if there should be holes in anybody’s ears but my own?  I have multiple holes in my ears but maybe my daughters will decide that they do not want pierced ears.  The point is that I wanted to give them the choice so there was no baby ear-piercing for us.

I always said that once my girls asked, I would have no problem letting them pierce their ears.  Mind you, I envisioned this question popping up somewhere around the age of 5 or 6.  As it happens, my 3 and 1/2 year old recently asked (begged) me to get her ears pierced and it seems that nothing would make her happier than for me to take her to Claire’s and let a cute young store clerk shoot needles into her ears simultaneously, making her cry and scream so she can wear pretty little studs in her cute little ears.

I thought I would have no problem saying yes when the time came that one of my daughters asked to have their ears pierced but now that my eldest has asked,  I am not ready.  I don’t want to see her cry in pain unnecessarily.  I don’t want to risk infection or injury from an earring getting caught on something.  I don’t want to argue about what earrings are and are not appropriate for a three year old to wear.  We already have enough AM show-downs about what type of clothes and shoes are appropriate.

So for now, I’ve tried to scare her away from it (aren’t I awful?) telling her that getting your ears pierced is like having 2 shots in your earlobes and it stings really bad.  I tell her that it makes boo boos in your ears and hurts at night when you lean on your pillow. I tell her that your ears can get infected and make you sick.  She hasn’t entirely dropped the issue but let’s just say that she is somewhat less enthusiastic about it and now only brings it up after spending time with her cousin or friends who have pierced ears.

I always said that I would let my daughter get her ears pierced when and if she asked but now that she has, I find myself not wanting to let her do it because in my opinion, she’s still too young to take care of her ears on her own and I think she should be a little more responsible before making permanent decisions about her body.

So what say you ladies?  Am I being a stick in the mud?  She’s not asking for a tattoo after all and I’ll be the first to admit that there is something very sweet about a little girl with tiny pink gems in her ears and the dazzling smile that goes with being able to wear real earrings just like mommy.



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