If you are an avid Twitterer like I am, you may have been following the convo between myself and CT Working Moms over the Labor Day holiday weekend.  Let’s call it an age old dilemma- wearing white after Labor Day…. Fashion Do or Don’t?  In the days of Betty Draper, I would be quick to say, absolutely not!  Fashion Faux Pas!  Pack away those white pants with the rest of your coulottes until the mercury hits 90!  But today?  The line is not quite as dark as it used to be.  It’s a little grayer, and, honey, it’s gettin’ grayer every year.

That said, if you’re like me, you know you have a limited budget, so before any risky wardrobe purchase is to be made, you want to make sure you will be able to get as much wear out of it as possible.  And, with a budget stretched to the max with day care payments, car payments, and everything else, the fashion savvy working mom has some decisions to make before investing in a pair of pants that may or may not be worn for a single season.    Here are some helpful tips to make your decision to boldly go where most moms have not gone before- Wearing White After Labor Day.

  1. White jeans stay, linen pants go.  Wearing a more structured, thick material is key to keeping you in your white jeans into the fall.  A pair of white skinny jeans will pair amazingly well with checkered button down shirts, chambray with the sleeves rolled up, and paired with ballet flats, Toms, or moccasins.  Your linen pants?  Sorry, but those scream “take me to the beach!” and the look you’re going for in keeping your white jeans on in October needs to say, “take me to the fair!”
  2. Winter White is still White.  Winter white is almost like cameo white.  It’s a creamier shade of white, and it pairs with the same colors you wore with your white white pants this summer.  Navy, kelly green, gray, stripes, you name it- if you paired it with your summer whites, you can pair it with your winter whites.
  3. Lose the flip flops and open toed shoes.  If you’re going to be bold and make your white statement into fall, make it convincing.  Keep the flip flops and cute t-strap sandals in your closet to pair with jeans, but instead, match your white jeans with a pair of tan, gold, or jeweled ballet flats, or even a pair of flannel Toms.  Remember- it is Fall after all, so why not give your ballet flats the credit they’re due!

Oh, and if you’re still not convinced, maybe a good old fashioned end of season sale will help?  Right now online retailers are just giving the remaining stock of their white jeans and structured cafe capris away!  Check out your favorite online retailer to see if they’re holding any end of season clearance sales, and consider it a head start to next summer!

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