At the end of the month I will no longer have a three-year-old, I will have a “big-girl” four-year-old! This past week I made several entries into my daughter’s journal, including one about her first day of four-year-old preschool and one about  our awesome summer coming to an end. I re-read the past five months of entries and found myself laughing hysterically at some of her quotes and questions. Ahhh…the honesty and bluntness of a three-year-old, there is nothing quite like it. Here are some of my favorites:

  • I wonder how much it hurt Daddy when all his hair moved from his head, down to his face and chest.
  • Hi Mom, your face is getting chubby.
  • I don’t have to pick-up my toy room, that’s what parents are for.
  • This car ride is soooo much better without a little sister whining all the time and a Daddy to slow us down.
  • The houses on this street are a lot more prettier than the ones on our street, we should go trick-or-treating here!
  • Everyone should have a pillow pet.
  • If the new baby is a boy, can we throw it in the garbage?
  • There is no use yelling at me, I’m not changing my mind.
  • Why do Moms have hair on their vagina?
  • I have so many friends because everyone likes me.
  • How old do you have to be to have a boyfriend? How about a husband?
  • Pork is better than chicken, but nothing is better than cheese.
  • Sometimes I just get soooo grumpy with everyone!
  • I think for my birthday, everyone should just buy me whatever present they want me to have, cause I really love everything.
  • How does Daddy put on his underwear with that thing hanging between his legs?

The issues that I have had to address with this smart-as-a-whip three-year-old astound me and I shudder when I think about what we will be addressing when she is a tween, or even worse, a teenager. As hysterical and entertaining as her questions are, I always appreciate her honest perspective.

Happy (almost) birthday little Ms. P, you are fabulous and I look forward to watching your engaging personality blossom and develop even further! XO

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