Every now and then on my blog, My Everyday Magic, we devote a day to Fairy Wishes.  Yesterday my Inspiration Fairies made it one of those days, and I thought it was perfect timing as this past weekend I’d had the honor of taking part in a spontaneous Goddess Manifestation Circle.  What, you may be asking, is a Goddess Manifestation Circle? It’s actually one of my favorite ways to spend time! I’ve facilitated many of these circles and it always an incredibly magical experience that stays with me for days.

First we need a few of our women friends, then we go around the circle focusing on one woman at a time while we tell her what we admire about her and what we think her strengths are. After she’s been sufficiently built up, loved up, and empowered she tells the circle what she’d like to manifest in her life, then we all close our eyes as we send energy and focus to that particular Goddess and her manifestation wishes.

It’s simple, easy, and oh-so-powerful! I’ve been taking part in these Goddess Manifestation Circles for close to 5 years and I’ve seen so many wishes come true, many that seemed impossible at the time. And the others that haven’t come to fruition yet are definitely on their way!

You don’t need to have a circle of women to manifest, you just need the INTENTION. So that’s what we’re going to do this Magical Monday.

Here are some of the things I’m working on manifesting my life within the year:

* A delirously happy, joyful, and FULFILLED hubby!
* A playful, passionate marriage EVERYDAY!
* Thriving, harmonious, healthy children ~ and the ability to be PRESENT and APPRECIATIVE of them EVERYDAY!
* My Inner Freedom, which is also reflected in my Outer Freedom!
* An OUTRAGEOUS surplus of money to spare and share!
* A rockin’ hot bod that I feel BEAUTIFUL and FIT in!
* A renaissance for the town of Essex CT ~ may it be full of young energy, earth-loving people, and a community of beautiful spirits!!! Let’s throw in a couple of AWESOME organic restaurants and a local microbrewery too!

 Once you set the intentions most of the work is done, but you may find that you have to take action. There is a saying that goes “When you pray, move your feet.” So pay attention to any intuitions that may come to you about how to create your wishes in real life. I find that when something pops into my head repeatedly then I should probably take notice.
So join me! State what you want to manifest in your life, and then to give this exercise extra power just take a moment to send some energy to each persons’ manifestations.
May all our wishes come TRUE! ♥

Your Wish is Granted!

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